Best 7 Days and 5 days Meal Delivery Plans

Meal delivery services offer a convenient service that can result in having more time to focus on the things you love. By doing the planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cooking, fully prepared meal delivery services simply make life much easier. As the industry expands and new companies enter the arena, so do the range of services that are offered by these companies.

Today we are going to be looking at the best-prepared meal delivery services that can provide options for your full week or five workdays. These types of services are ideal for busy people who are after a full-board meal delivery service because they are simply too busy to cook but still want to eat well.

Having a 7-days or 5-days meal delivery plan is also ideal for those who are trying to manage their weight. By having a full week’s worth of fully prepared and calorie-controlled meals, it will be that much easier to control your weight loss. 

So, let’s get stuck into the companies that offer the ultimate in convenience when it comes to prepared meal delivery services. Our recommended companies that offer the option of either a full week or 5-days’ worth of meal options are as follows:

#1 Bistro MD for Weight Loss Needs

BistroMD is a prepared meal delivery service that is the brainchild of bariatric medicine specialist Dr. Caroline Cederquist. As Dr. Cederquist is focussed on the study of how food is turned into fuel in the human body, she is also passionate about nutrition. This passion is reflected in the nutritious, well-balanced and calorie-controlled menu that is offered by BistroMD.

The beauty of using a prepared meal service is that your food requirements can be completely covered throughout the week without needing to do any meal planning or grocery shopping.

With BistroMD you have a choice of a complete 7 or 5-day program including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners or a partial 7 or 5-day program which includes lunches and dinners. All the menu items can be ready within minutes by simply heating them in the oven or microwave. 

To have a look at the menu offered by BistroMD, please click here

Example menu items: 

  • Breakfast: Turkey, Sausage and Cheese Frittata. Canadian Bacon and Swiss Omelet. 
  • Lunch: Chicken Cacciatore. Sloppy Joe with Cabbage Slaw. 
  • Dinner: Lasagna with Garden Marinara. Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast. 

Quick View:

Diet-to-Go offers a weekly subscription that provides chef-prepared, healthy and low-calorie meals, that are designed to help dieters reach their weight-loss goals.

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#2 Diet-to-Go Weight Loss Plans

Diet-to-Go was one of the first companies to have a meal delivery service with a full-board diet menu as a subscription service. This type of service is ideal when you have weight-loss goals to achieve. Their fully prepared meals have been designed by nutritional experts and cooked to perfection by professional chefs.

All their meals are calorie-controlled, well balanced, super healthy and delicious. Diet-to-Go offers four plans for you to choose from and with each plan you have a choice of a 5 or 7-day menu that can include breakfast, lunch, and dinner or lunch and dinner. 

Example menu items: 

  • Breakfast: Coconut Parfait. Omelet Pomodoro.  
  • Lunch: Sofrito Chicken Melt. Mediterranean Pizza.  
  • Dinner: Vegetarian Penne. Turkey Chilli. 
diet to go

#3 Factor75 Weight Loss menu:

The name Factor75 comes from the company’s belief that 75% of the way you look, feel and operate is based on what we eat and drink. Factor75 has a service with an option of 4, 6, 8, 12 or 18 meals on a weekly basis and while they do not offer breakfast options, there is more than enough variety and choice to cater for all your lunch and dinner needs. Factor75 was created with convenience in mind. They deliver freshly cooked meals that simply require a few minutes of heating before they are ready to serve. They also cater for many dietary requirements including gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto, vegetarian and more. 

Factor75 does not actually offer breakfast options, but they have enough meals available every week available to cater for all your lunch and dinner needs. 

To have a look at the menu offered by Factor75, please click here

Example menu items: 

  • Lunch: Taco Bowl with Corn Salsa. Factor Burger with Roasted Radishes.   
  • Dinner: Pork Tenderloin with Cabbage Casserole. Keto Meatloaf.