Best Asian Meal Kit Delivery Service 2023

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While reviewing meal kit delivery services over the years, we’ve noticed that there are so many meal kit services that offer a great selection of Asian-style meals.

In this article, we will highlight and share the meal kits we’ve come to love the most when it comes to Asian-style recipes.

So, if you like Asian food like stir-fry, spicy noodles, curry or miso sauce recipes, and more, keep on reading!

1. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Classic Asian- Style Meals created By Martha Stewart

Full Pricing:
$8.95 per serving
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Martha and Marley Spoon is a meal kit service with recipes that are influenced by many culinary styled, including many Asian-inspired options that come straight from Martha Stewart kitchens. 

The Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon service offers an extensive 45+ meals weekly menu, including at least five Asian-style meals. The menu also marks low-carb, low-calorie, dairy-free, kid-friendly, and speedy meals, plus some options for desserts, breakfasts, and ready-to-heat meals.

The one thing we can say for sure about this meal kit service – we were impressed by the quality of ingredients in the box every time!

Asian Meals We Tried From The Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon Menu

  • Vietnamese Caramelized Pork Bowl with Pickled Green Beans & Jasmine Rice
  • Beef Chow Fun with Broccoli
  • Japanese-Style Rice Bowl with Beef & Togarashi
  • Stir-Fried Curry Rice Noodles with Broccoli & Peanuts
  • Curry-Spiced Cod with Rice Pilaf & Cucumber Raita
marley spoon meal delivery
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2. Dinnerly - Affordable Asian Inspired Meal Delivery Kits

Full Pricing:
$4.99-8.49 per serving
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Dinnerly offers meal kits that are very much price-focused – with a meal cost of less than $5 per serving! So if you like to enjoy a simple yet delicious dinner you cooked at home – Dinnerly is an excellent option to consider.

As a Dinnerly customer, you will have a choice of 22 diverse and exciting recipes every week. These dishes will usually include some great simple Asian classics that you can assemble in 5 easy steps.

The Dinnerly meal plan is offered for two or four people, with three to six recipes per week.

Some Asian Meal Kits to Get From Dinnerly Are:

  • Asian Beef Udon Noodles Soup
  • Better-Than-Takeout Shrimp Lo Mein with Vegetables
  • Crispy Sesame Chicken with Broccoli & Jasmine Rice
  • Beef & Udon Noodles Stir-Fry with Spinach & Scallions
  • Easy Cooking Satay Pork and Veggie Stir-Fry with Noodles

Dinnerly Meal Kit Review

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3. Hello Fresh - Asian Inspired Meal Box

Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Hello Fresh is an excellent food subscription option for extending your Asian culinary horizon. With an extensive menu with over 20 recipes available every week, you would be able to find at least three to five Asian style meal kits designed by professional chefs. Those meals can include authentic Asian ingredients that you can’t always find in a mainstream grocery store.

After trying so many meal kits from Hello Fresh over the years, we can say with clear confidence that the meal options are always delicious, easy to make, and super satisfying.

The Hello Fresh meal plan is offered for two or four people, with two to five recipes per week, making it perfect for sharing with family or friends.

Some Popular Asian Inspired Meals You May Want to Try From Hello Fresh:

  • Authentic Thai Ginger Curry with Creamy Coconut Vegetables, Peanuts & Lime Rice
  • Salmon in Miso Apricot Sauce with Garlic Ginger Rice & Zesty Carrots
  • Bulgogi Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Carrots & Lime Rice
  • Vietnamese Beef Stir-Fry with Basil, Coconut Rice, and Crispy Green Beans
  • Chicken Stir-Fry Tacos with Tangy Cabbage Slaw & Sriracha Mayo Sauce

Hello Fresh box

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4. Home Chef - Asian Style Meal Kit Options

Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
Updated In:
May 16, 2024

Home Chef provides customers with flexibility when choosing a meal, as they receive up to 26 unique recipe choices each week. The Home Chef menu also includes some lovely classic Asian-style meals, always with a nice twist at the end.

When exploring the Home Chef menu, it is notable that the recipes are full of nutritious ingredients. You can find fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, high-quality meats, seafood, and more with every meal.

Home Chef also offers a one of a kind “Customize It” feature with many of their weekly meals. This feature gives you the option to swap, double, or change the protein products in those selected meals.

The Home Chef meal plan is offered for two to six people, with three to five recipes per week.

Some Mouthwatering Asian Meal kits to Get From Home Chef:

  • Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs with rice and lime slaw
  • Korean Pork Chop with Bok Choy and Pepper Lo Mein
  • Crispy Shrimp Rice Bowl and Sriracha Aioli with pickled carrots and cucumbers
  • Garlic-Sesame Steak Noodles with Snow Peas and Honey Roasted Peanuts
  • Sweet teriyaki chicken breast Lo-Mein with broccolini

Home Chef box review

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5. Green Chef Asian meal delivery menu

green chef logo
Full Pricing:
$11.99 First shipping is FREE
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Green Chef is well-known for its one-of-a-kind promise to use organic ingredients and sustainable-sourced products in each meal kit. The meals are all easy to prep in 30 minutes or less. Combined with a vast collection of 24 original chef-crafted meal kits every week, with many Asian-style options – Green Chef is a great meal kit service to consider!

Green Chef is also known for supporting a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto, Mediterranean, and more. 

This meal kit service company gives you the flexibility to choose the number of dishes for shipping in each weekly box, with each designed for two, four, or six servings per meal, as you choose.

When looking at the Green Chef weekly menu, we could see a few Asian-influenced options to try:

  • Chicken with spicy ginger-lime aioli, with snap pea slaw, honey-glazed sesame carrots, cashews
  • Mushroom cury udon bowl with carrots, ginger, coconut milk, cilantro, lime
  • Cajun shrimps stir-fry with veggies, Creole Dijonnaise and walnuts
  • Thai-style coconut curry with rice, bell pepper, scallion and black sesame seeds
Chicken with spicy ginger-lime aioli, with snap pea slaw, honey-glazed sesame carrots, cashews
green chef logo
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6. Sunbasket - The Best Asian Meal Kit Delivery Service

Full Pricing:
$9.99, First Shipping FREE
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Sunbasket is well-known for its commitment to organic and sustainable products. The Company is also well known for offering the most extensive meal selection, including more than 30 recipe options every week. Among those, you will be able to find many easy-to-prep popular Asian meal kits, with a cooking time of 15-30 minutes.

Sun Basket also offers meals to meet a wide range of dietary needs, including Paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, gluten-free, and Vegan. The menu also includes a few ready-to-heat-and-eat meals, ready in as little as 6 minutes.

Sun Basket gives you the flexibility to choose the number of recipes for shipping per week, with each meal designed for two or four people.

Few Popular Asian-style Meals From the Sun Basket Menu:

  • Lettuce-Wrapped Lemongrass Salmon Burgers with Crunchy Asian Slaw
  • Braised beef in Panang curry sauce with jasmine rice and sweet peas
  • Spicy Sichuan tofu with kale and jasmine rice
  • Shrimp-scallion pancakes with kimchi and cheddar
  • Chinese Gong Bao chicken with cashews and black rice

Sun Basket Review

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7. Blue Apron - The best Asian-Style Meal Kits

Full Pricing:
$8.79-$9.99 per serving
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

Blue Apron is a meal kit service to consider if you wish to upgrade your culinary experience at home. The company makes sure to create delicious and exciting chef-designed recipes that are delivered right to your door.

Among their weekly meals, you will always be able to find two to four Asian-Style popular recipes. From our first-hand experience, the meals (some authentic Asian and some new-age Asian meals) are always attractive and just so tasteful!

The Blue Apron menus change all the time, so with each shipment, you will learn to cook inventive new dishes with the best seasonal ingredients that are fresher and cheaper than you can usually get at your local supermarket. You also benefit from no food waste because the company sends you pre-portioned products that you need for each Asian meal recipe.

The Blue Apron meal plan is offered for two or four people, with two to five recipes per week.

Some Fantastic Asian Inspired Meals From Blue Apron:

  • Orange-Ponzu glazed meatballs with vegetables & white rice
  • Yellow curry & lemongrass sauce tilapia with brown rice
  • Seared Scallops & Coconut-Peanut Curry with fresh wonton noodles & bok choy
  • Togarashi chicken & brown rice bowls with roasted squash & miso-sesame sauce
  • Soy-glazed pork meatloaf with sesame mashed potatoes & roasted cabbage

Blue Apron Review

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Bottom Line – Have Delicious Dinners With Asian Food Meal kits.

No matter what type of Asian food you prefer, we’re confident that you can find authentic Asian meals and new-style Asian meals you love when browsing the meal kits delivery service websites listed above.

Meal kits give you the option to cook and dine Asian inspired food at the comfort of your home and feel like you eat at an excellent Asian cuisine restaurant. You don’t have to visit Chef Jimmy Ly from Madame Vo or Chef Ohm Suansilphong from the Thai Fish Cheeks restaurant to satisfy your Asian food craving.

Moreover, meal kits services take pride in offering easy-to-cook recipes, and they save you the need for meal planning and trips to the grocery store. You get all the ingredients and products you need pre-portioned in a box once a week.

While the Asian meals listed above are our favorites, we encourage you to go ahead and try others. Use our fantastic beginner promotion codes to enjoy delicious Asian food to cook at home!

Benefits of Using Asian Meal Kits:

If you’re seeking convenient ways to eat healthier and save time in the kitchen, meal kit services may be a good fit for you. A variety of meal kits services with Asian style recipes are available to fit your needs, and exploring your options can help you choose the best one for your needs.

Here are what we consider to be the main benefits of using a meal kit service:

Potential Time Saving

When you use meal kit services, you get the ingredients pre-portioned and prepped. That saves you the time and hassle of gathering ingredients, measuring, and preparing them. Meal kits also help you save time on weekly recipe planning because you no longer have to sift through endless recipes.

Spice Up Your Culinary Life

Using Asian meal kits, you allow yourself to try new recipes that you would not ever try without the push. It is a great way to expand your taste palate and discover new tastes. And with the menus frequently change as well — usually every week – you’ will have new recipe options to try out all the time. 

Perfect Portions and less food waste

When you cook something at home, most times, you aren’t sure how much chicken, grains, or even vegetables each serving is supposed to get. Asian Meal kits have each meal pre-measured to allow you to better manage your portion control and food waste.

Cooking Made Easy

Cooking isn’t always easy, especially if you’re dealing with kids or a busy work schedule. You might have the ambition to try something new and exciting, but by the end of the day, you just left without any power. Using a meal kit delivery service, you can order meals designed to be ready in 30 minutes or less, using a friendly recipe card.

Access to Authentic Ingredients Not Easily Found in Regular Stores

That is especially true for Asian cuisine.

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