Best Lean Diet Meal Delivery Services To Try In 2023

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If you are trying to manage your weight by eating as leanly and healthily as possible, this article is just the thing for you!  

There is a common belief that meal kit delivery services are not the best at providing options for a lean and clean diet. However, the reality is quite the opposite, and we wanted to show how easy it is to find lean and clean options when using a meal kit delivery service. 

We have looked at many companies that provide meal kit delivery services and have discovered that there is a satisfying number of companies that offer lean dinner options. These options are all around 600 calories or less! You can’t wish for more, and it is wonderful to know that when pursuing a lean lifestyle, you can still utilize a meal kit delivery service!

Your Best Options For Lean Diet Meal Delivery Services

1. Green Chef

Lean Diet Meal Kits – ‘Fast & Fit’ Meal Plan For Easy Weight Loss

green chef logo
Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
$7.5 - $9.50
Updated In:
January 31, 2023

Although Green Chef does not have a specific lean menu, we have found out that both the Fast & Fit and the Keto plans include, in most cases, some exciting and delicious, organic, lean, and healthy dishes.

These menus are packed with lean animal proteins and fresh produce and contain no processed foods, grains, dried legumes, or dairy.

The Green Chef meal plans are offered as a flexible subscription for two or four servings per week, with the option to choose two to six meals as you prefer

Other Highlights On The Menu

Organic and Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Keto low-carb, Grain-Free, Mediterranean, Pescatarian, Plant-Based Meals, and more.

Lean & Healthy Meal Kits From Green Chef

  • Roasted chicken with Lemon Crema with butternut squash & Brussels sprouts with Parmesan, hazelnuts
  • Pesto shrimp couscous bowls with rainbow chard, artichokes, dates, sunflower seeds
  • Low-carb Thai-style pork kale salad with bell pepper, beets, cashews, shiitake mushroom sauce
  • Pecan-crusted chicken breast with creamy mashed butternut squash and sautéed green beans
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green chef logo
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2. Martha Stewarts & Marley Spoon

Lean Nutritious Meals From Martha’s Kitchen

Full Pricing:
$10.49 to $8.20 per person
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

Martha & Marley Spoon is a top favorite meal kit service, delivering classic meal kits created by the queen of home cooking – Martha Stewart!

The extensive 45+ meals weekly menu by Martha & Marley Spoon offers many lean and healthy options and even some prepared meals (fully cooked and ready to heat and eat). The meals include fresh veggies, lean meats, and seafood, and it’s clearly marked on the menu for easy navigation.

The Marley Spoon meal plans are offered as a flexible subscription for two or four people per week, with the option to choose between two to six meals.

Other Special Diets On The Menu

Low-calorie, no-gluten-added, Climatarian, vegetarian, dairy-free, Pescatarian, kid-friendly, Healthy Diet, Fully Cooked Meals, Organic produce upgrades.

Lean Meals from Martha Stewarts & Marley Spoon

  • Low-carb baked shrimp casino with roasted carrots & green beans
  • Hot chicken tortilla soup with corn, cheddar & cilantro
  • Buddha’s delight stir-fry with jasmine rice
  • Moroccan chicken tagine with dried apricots, almonds & couscous
Martha and Marley Spoon box
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3. BistroMD

Prepared Meal Delivery Service, Perfect For Lean Meals Every Week

Full Pricing:
Starting $129 per week
Updated In:
March 29, 2024

BistroMD is a prepared meal delivery service for healthy and delicious weight-loss food. The company was founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, a physician specializing in bariatric medicine, which is the study of how food is broken down in the human body and converted to fuel.

When using the BistroMD weight loss program, you will not only get delicious meals, but you will know that every meal is well-balanced, full of healthy fats, and will assist you in maintaining healthy eating habits and a controlled weight loss process.

BistroMD’s meal delivery service registered dietitians and nutritionists are constantly adding new meal options to the menu. Each addition ensures they give their customers the tastiest and most nutritious food options! 

With BistroMD, you can choose from several available programs, depending on the number of days and meals per week.

Other Highlights On The Menu

Dedicated meal plans for specialty diets like Gluten free, Heart-Healthy, Diabetic, Keto, and Menopause.

Lean Meals From BistroMD Meal Delivery Service Plan

  • Turkey breast with herbed brown gravy & veggies
  • Barramundi seabass with sweet coconut pineapple sauce
  • Chicken Piccata with wheat-free pasta
  • Chicken Mole with herbed brown rice and citrus-scented purple cabbage
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4. Dinnelry

Best Meal Delivery Service For Affordable, Lean & Low-Calorie Options

Full Pricing:
Starting at $4.99 per serving
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

Dinnerly is a meal kit service that offers a fantastic affordable home-cooking experience- with a meal cost of only $5 per serving! And with many excellent dishes suitable for a lean diet every week!

After trying many meals from the Dinnerly weekly extensive menu, we can honestly say that the low cost does not affect the quality of the fresh ingredients, nor the good taste. The meals tend to be simple yet delicious so you can enjoy a balanced diet even on a budget.

Dinnerly meal plans are offered as a flexible subscription for two or four people, with the option to choose between two to six meals per week.

Other Highlights & Dietary Restrictions On The Menu

Low-calorie, no-gluten-added, Climate-Hero, Vegetarian, Dairy-Free, Kid-Friendly, Premade Meals, Extra-Proteins, Desserts.

Lean Balanced Meals To Try From Dinnerly

  • Low-Cal Shrimp Chowder with Potatoes & Corn
  • Lemon Butter Tilapia with Roasted Potatoes
  • Pork souvlaki meatballs with romaine & toasted pita salad
  • Black Bean Stuffed sweet potatoes with guacamole topping
Crispy Sesame Chicken
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5. Home Chef

Low-Calorie Meal Kits With Lean Proteins

Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
$7.50 - $9.50
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

From looking at Home Chef’s weekly home-cooked meal kits, we have discovered that they offer a workable selection of at least four-five lean dishes weekly.

The Home Chef meal delivery service also offers some nice add-on features to support your lean diet. These include a 5-minute lunch salad, proteins, breads, and more.

You can find each dish’s calories and other nutritional facts on the menu, so it’s effortless to know which meals to pick.

Other Highlights On The Menu

15-Min Meal Kits, Fast Salads, Oven-Ready-To-Eat Meals, Low-Carb options, Protein-Packs, Desserts, and more.

Healthy Meals To Try From Home Chef

  • Pretzel-crusted pork chop with brown sugar, dijonnaise & brussels sprouts
  • Express alfredo chicken with sweet and smoky arugula salad
  • Skinnytaste chicken with mushroom-shallot sauce and wild rice
  • Pesto shrimp Gemelli with oven-roasted zucchini and tomatoes
Home Chef August Review
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6. Sunbasket

Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Meal Kits & Prepared Meals

Full Pricing:
$6.99 per week, First Shipping FREE
As low as $9.99 per serving
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

Sunbasket offers a great Lean & Clean Plan as part of its Classic Plan. In the Lean & Clean Plan, you will find delicious meals with lean proteins and clean ingredients, both of which help to make it easy to manage your weight. No gluten, soy, or dairy, and all dishes are about  550 calories per serving. This plan includes three meals per week for two or four adults.

Other Highlights On The Menu

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, All Organic, low-Calorie, Vegan meals, and more.

Lean Meal Kits From Sunbasket Meal Plan

  • Spicy Balinese chicken with cucumber-cabbage salad
  • Spanish shrimp soup with potatoes, peas, and smoked paprika
  • White chicken chili with corn, green beans, and chiles
  • Grilled pork chop with curry sauce over roasted apples and cauliflower
sunbasket meal delivery
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Our Methodology – Why Trust Us?

The Meal Kit Review website was established in 2017 to aid in making informed decisions about various meal delivery services without purchasing each individually. 

As part of our review process, we make sure to purchase and test at least three boxes from popular meal kit companies and prepared meal delivery services and provide information on flavor, ease of use, the flexibility of subscription, pricing, quality, who the ideal consumer is, and more. 

Read more about our rating process here.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, many great options are available to help you maintain a lean diet while using a meal kit delivery service.

Our recommendation would be to initially trial two companies, mixing and matching dishes to find out which company suits you best. That way, you will get an accurate understanding of the type of dishes offered by each company and the available diversity.  

You can specify weeks you would like to skip in advance, so it is very easy to try a few services simultaneously.

Whichever company you choose, using a meal kit delivery service will undoubtedly, make it easier for you to stay on track with a lean diet plan. 

Additionally, it will help you minimize the time spent planning your weekly dinners and grocery shopping.

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Related FAQ’s

As noted in the review above, quite a few healthy meal delivery services offer a great comfortable way to eat lean yet delicious foods when on weight loss dietary restrictions. If you’re looking for meal kits to cook at home, choose Green Chef. If you’re looking for easy prepared meals, go for BistroMD

The Blue Apron menu offers some low-carb and low-calorie meal kit options that may support a balanced weight loss diet. However, those weekly options are pretty limited (usually only 3-5 per week), so we recommend other meal delivery services, like Green Chef, Martha & Marley Spoon, or BistroMD.

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