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If you are either trying to prevent or control type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you need to pay close attention to what you eat, most notably the carb and calories that you consume. If you are in this position, then it is easy to assume that you are going to struggle to find healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying. But there is no need to worry! There are still plenty of incredibly tasty and appealing options out there, even when trying to prevent the onset of diabetes or trying to control a diabetes condition. Diabetes does not mean that you have to forsake flavor when it comes to mealtimes! 

There are many meal delivery services that specialize in creating menus that are suitable for diabetes dietary needs. Diabetes-friendly meal services can include both a meal kit and prepared meal delivery services that have been designed to meet the dietary needs of someone with diabetes. They create delicious meals that provide you with all the essential nutrients you need to control glucose levels and to keep your diabetes under control.

Using a Diabetics meal delivery service will increase the variety and diversity of the foods that you eat. It will also assist in making your home cooking and dining experiences more enjoyable by providing you with meals that are full of exciting and amazing flavors.

Our team of experts at The Meal Kit Review has thoroughly tested and tasted many meal delivery services and subsequently ranked the best companies that cater to the diabetes diet.

Top-ranked meal services for diabetes:

#1 NutriSystem meal plan for diabetics

Full Pricing:
Starting at $9.29 a day
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

NutriSystem is more than just a meal delivery service. It has also been a leader in the weight loss industry for over 45 years. All of their plans include support and counseling services from coaches, dietitians and certified diabetes educators seven days a week.  Nutrisystem offers 3 different 4-week plans that have been designed for you to lose weight and manage your type 2 diabetes:

  • The Diabetes Basic Plan is a 4-week plan with pre-selected meals delivered to your door for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 
  • The Diabetes Core Plan is the same as the Diabetes Basic Plan but includes the additional option of being able to choose your own meals rather than having them selected for you. This plan also gives you access to certified diabetes educators, dietitians, and other tools.
  • The Diabetes Uniquely Yours Plan also gives you a bigger selection of meals, with the option of including frozen and fresh meals in your delivery. 

The team at Nutrisystem are experts at providing a meal plan that is designed to help you eat regularly with enjoyable meals that are well-balanced and will help you control your blood glucose levels and healthy weight loss.

Here are some examples of diabetes meal from NutriSystem:

  • Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast
  • Santa Fe Style Chicken
  • Penne Bolognese With Meat Sauce
  • Turkey & Stuffing
Nutrisystem featured menu
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#2 Sunbasket - diabetes-friendly meal kit plan

Full Pricing:
$6.99 per week, First Shipping FREE
As low as $9.99 per serving
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

Sunbasket offers a diabetes-friendly plan, that was created in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association. The Sun Basket diabetes-friendly meals contain high-quality carbohydrates from whole foods like whole grains, beans, and lentils. Their meals are also high in fiber, with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.

With Sun Basket you can be confident that you can easily omit the carbohydrates and still enjoy delicious chef-designed and healthy meals.  Sun Basket is a certified organic handler that strives to source organic produce 100% of the time. Their meals are full of fresh vegetables, top-quality meats, and seafood, plus the Sun Basket chef’s favorite special sauces.

Some popular diabetes meals from the Sun Basket menu:

  • Turkey hash with runny eggs and spicy green harissa
  • Mediterranean salmon with white bean–artichoke salad
  • Tomato-braised chicken with squash and greens
  • Chicken and hummus flatbread “tacos” with Greek kale salad

The Sun Basket menu features some other great highlights including gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, family-friendly, lean & clean meals and more.

Sun basket products
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#3 Diet-to-Go diabetes meal box service

Full Pricing:
$9.99 per box for local shipping
Starting at $121.99 per week
Updated In:
October 17, 2023

Diet-to-Go offers the Balance-Diabetes plan and is one of the first fully prepared meal delivery services to specialize in delicious, yet low-calorie balanced meals to help with weight-loss. One of the plans offered by Diet-to-Go is a diabetes-friendly menu, designed to help people with diabetes or pre-diabetes to control their blood sugar levels and prevent type-2 diabetes. This plan also comes with the extra benefit of helping people with weight management. The diabetes menu is well-balanced in terms of sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol.

The Diet-to-Go diabetes subscription plan is offered in a few different formats, including options for 5 or 7 days a week, with two or three meals per day.

Here are some diabetes meal options from the Diet-to-Go menu:

  • Szechuan turkey burger
  • Sunny breakfast box
  • Baked salmon with pineapple salsa
  • Basil parmesan chicken

The Diet-to-Go menu offers some other culinary highlights, including plans for both the keto diet and vegetarians and weight-loss meals. Their menu includes options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Diet to Go - Tomato Pesto Meltovers with sweet apples
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#4 Home Chef- diabetes meal kits

Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
$7.50 - $9.50
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

Home Chef is all about classic home-cooked dishes that are presented with a tasty and interesting twist. Home Chef uses high-quality, farm-fresh ingredients in their meals, and the meals are all designed to take no longer than 30 minutes to cook.

When it comes to low-carb and low-calorie meals that are suitable for the diabetes dietary needs, Home Chef offers some delicious tempting choices. They have recently upgraded their menu and now offer a selection of dedicated carb-conscious and calorie-conscious meal options for you to enjoy every week. These meals are marked clearly on the weekly menu, so it is very easy to find these.

Here are some of the great diabetes-friendly Home Chef meals:

  • Pine nut and goat’s cheese-crusted chicken with roasted red pepper cauliflower
  • Apricot almond pork tenderloin with green beans
  • Bo Ssam Korean fish cakes with pickled shallot and slaw
  • Cranberry goat’s cheese-stuffed chicken breast with sage and roasted Brussels sprouts

The Home Chef menu offers some other culinary highlights that include salads, oven-ready meals, fast and easy to cook meals, vegetarian meals, family-friendly meal options and more.

Home Chef meal kits
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#5 BistroMD meal plan for diabetes

Full Pricing:
Starting $129 per week
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

BistroMD is a prepared meal delivery service that was founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, a doctor who specializes in bariatric medicine which is the study of how the body turns food into energy. 

BistroMD understands that preparing a diabetes diet plan can be overwhelming. Therefore their culinary team has created a diabetes meal program that will help lower your blood sugar level, your blood cholesterol level, and your blood pressure. The company understands the importance of creating meals that have both the appropriate nutritional requirements, and are five-star in quality and taste. The BistroMD diabetes subscription is offered in various formats, including subscription options for 5 or 7 days a week, with two or three meals per day.

Following are our most favorite diabetes meals from the BistroMD menu:

  • Jerk spiced chicken with mango chutney and spinach
  • Sliced ham with mustard maple sauce
  • Grilled salmon with creamy pesto
  • Spinach and feta stuffed salmon

Other highlights from the BistroMD menu include frozen meals, a gluten-free plan, a weight-loss plan and options for those who are menopausal and in their senior years. 

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#6 Balance by BistroMD meal delivery for diabetes

balance by BistroMD
Full Pricing:
Starting $129 per week
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

Balance by BistroMD is a prepared meal delivery service that offers a convenient and healthy diabetes menu filled with delicious fully-prepared meals. Their service requires no membership commitment which means that there is no minimum order limit and you can simply order what you want when you want it!  Balance by BistroMD offers a wide variety of doctor-approved, delicious and portion-controlled diabetes meals. All of the diabetes meals follow medical recommendations to consume a consistent and controlled amount of carbohydrates at each meal. These meals also help to maintain blood glucose levels and contain no more than 25 grams of net carbohydrates in each serving.

Here are some great diabetes meal options for Balance by BistroMD menu:

  • Grilled chicken with savory almond and date sauce
  • Stuffed grape leaves with tomato sauce
  • Merlot meatballs with grits
  • Southwest bison meatloaf with smoky tomato glaze

The Balance By BistroMD menu offers some other great meal options that cater to many dietary needs and lifestyles. These include frozen meals, snacks, gluten-free, heart-healthy, Mediterranean, menopausal, dairy-free, and sodium-free meal options.

Balance by BistroMD
balance by BistroMD
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The benefits of meal delivery service for diabetes:

If you have diabetes or are trying to prevent the onset of diabetes, then one of the biggest ongoing challenges you are going to face is that of maintaining a delicious, healthy diet that meets all your diabetes needs. There are obviously many benefits to using a meal delivery service. Convenience is the first thing that comes to mind! However when addressing the challenges faced with anyone who needs to maintain a diabetes diet, then possibly the most appealing benefit of a meal delivery service is that they make it so much easier to eat well, maintain your desired weight and stay as healthy as you can possibly be. Meal delivery services work with medical professionals and culinary and nutritional experts to create meals and menus that are ideally suited to a diabetes diet.

They use only the best quality ingredients to create meals that have been portion-controlled and will enable you to easily and enjoyably maintain a well-balanced diet. A meal delivery service can be instrumental in you being able to manage your diabetes in a way that is delicious, healthy and satisfying! 

How Are Meal services For Diabetics Different? 

If you are trying to manage your diabetes or prevent the onset of diabetes, then it is vital that you maintain a healthy diet that assists in the management of your blood sugar levels. The way that meal services for diabetes differ from other options is that these are menus that have been created with the needs of the diabetes diet in mind. These are meals that are focused on minimizing both calories and carbs to create healthy but delicious meals that will assist in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Any meal delivery service that offers a diabetes plan or menu options has worked in conjunction with qualified medical professionals to create these meals. Meals are then chef-designed to produce menus that deliver a delicious culinary experience for those who are dealing with the challenges of managing their diabetes. 

Choosing the best diabetes meal kit to fit your needs

Once you have ascertained which companies offer the best options for the diabetes diet, you will then need to look at all the other factors that might influence your decision. Our recommendation is to try at least two different companies so you can really compare what they have to offer. You will need to assess things like meal variety, subscription flexibility, quality of the ingredients, if they offer any promotions for beginners, their price per meal, prepared meals vs meal kits, preparation time and the nutritional values of different meals.  


If you are looking for meal delivery services that cater to a diabetes diet, then you will find that there are a lot of pleasing options out there. We recommend looking at all of the company profiles, and comparisons on the Meal Kit Review to find out further information about individual companies and then perhaps to try at least two companies. You can easily do this by taking advantage of the various beginner’s promotions out there.

Most companies offer you the flexibility to skip whenever required, so trialing two companies at the same time is easy to do.  Regardless of the company you choose, when you do decide, you will find using a meal delivery service will mean that you can easily manage your diabetes while also enjoying incredibly delicious food that is either super easy to prepare or arrives fully prepared!  

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