Bistro MD Vs. Factor75: Comparison

Are you wanting to make a few healthy changes to your life but finding that you simply do not have enough time? Do you forget to go grocery shopping and then end up relying on unhealthy take-outs because they are simply easier to organize? Would you like to eat delicious and nutritious meals but the thought of planning and cooking a weekly menu is too overwhelming? If any of these questions remind you of yourself, then the one thing you need to be telling yourself is that it is time to try a meal delivery service!

When you start using a meal kit or prepared meal delivery service, you will realize that they offer an attractive, affordable and convenient option of enjoying delicious and nutritious meals without any of the hard work. A meal delivery service looks after the menu planning, grocery shopping, portion control, and cooking for you. It really is an incredible solution to eating well, particularly if you have a busy modern life.

At the Meal Kit Review, as well as compiling individual company profiles, we also conduct regular company comparisons. This way, you can compare two relatively similar companies and decide which ones sound like it would be better suited to you.

Today in our comparison, we are going to be looking at two fully prepared meal delivery companies.

These two companies are BistroMD and Factor75. Both companies specialize in providing healthy menus that provide optimum nutrition and maximum taste. BistroMD and Factor75 have many similarities, but there are a few notable differences as well, so let’s get started with this comparison.

Silver BistroMD
Factor75 Box

BistroMD and Factor 75, Variety of Plan:

Factor 75 offers its customers a pleasing amount of versatility when it comes to their plans. Their plans are based on the number of meals you require every week, which ranges from 4 meals right up to 18 meals. Factor 75 can be tailored to fit your life, whether you are looking for meals for one-person or a family of four.

BistroMD offers you a choice of programs that cater for either 5 days or 7 days every week. Then you select whether you want to have a full-service program that delivers breakfasts, lunches, dinners + My Night* or a program that provides lunches and dinners only.

BistroMD and Factor 75 Meal Variety:

Factor 75 offers a diverse and extensive menu. They update their menu every week, and it includes options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a Factor 75 customer, you can individually choose every meal, or you can let Factor 75 select your weekly menu based on dietary requirements, past orders, and preferences.

BistroMD also has an extensive menu. All their menu items have been designed by nutritional experts and then cooked be professional chefs. The menu, which has over 150 options includes pasta, seafood, Asian & Italian cuisine, soups, classic American and much more. The BistroMD also includes options that are suitable for many dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten-free and low-calorie, just to name a few.

Balance by BistroMD
BistroMD Meals
Steak with loaded cauliflower mash by Factor75
Steak with loaded cauliflower mash by Factor75

Style and complexity of dishes:

Factor 75 is very much focused on creating meals that are good for the mind and body. Their meals are cooked in small batches and then chilled and prepared for delivery. With their focus on optimum nutritional value, their meals tend to be quite lean with healthy amounts of carbohydrates and healthy fats. Factor 75 wants you to feel great after eating their meals!

BistroMD is also very much health-oriented with all their meals being designed by doctors and then prepared by professional chefs. Their meals are designed to deliver the best nutritional value while ensuring that they are enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling. Their menu includes culinary influences from all over the world. BistroMD meals are flash-frozen after being cooked and chilled, then delivered to your door.

Quality of ingredients:

When it comes to ingredients, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best of the best from both Factor 75 and BistroMD. By using such superior ingredients, these two companies ensure that not only do their meals taste great, but they are really good for you as well. Factor 75 makes sure that all their ingredients are without hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, preservatives, soy or gluten, and all ingredients are organic. They only use meats that are pasture-raised and grass fed and sustainably sourced and wild-caught seafood.   

BistroMD also has a strong commitment to using only the freshest natural ingredients. Their meals are guaranteed to be without trans fats, msg or anything freeze-dried. They prioritize using responsibly sourced ingredients, their beef is rBGH-free, and their chicken is hormone-free. They have a preference for family-owned farms so that they can use farm-gate produce in their meals.

Factor75 Box

The delivery:

Both Factor 75 and BistroMD deliver their meals in boxes where the contents are well-organized and packed with ice packs to keep all the meals at the appropriate temperature until you are ready to unpack them. Each meal is wrapped in branded packaging that contains the name of the dish, instructions on how to heat and nutritional information.

Managing your account:

It really is super easy to register and then manage your account with both Factor 75 and BistroMD.   Their websites are easy to navigate and allow for simple registration. Once you have registered, it is a matter of selecting your plan, then picking the meals for your first delivery and just waiting for them to arrive! Via your online account, you can see future menus, swap meals, change your plans and skip weeks when necessary.

Plan terms:

To use both Factor 75 and BistroMD you do need to subscribe, however, you will be happy to know that there are no scary or costly commitments required. At any time you wish you can put your account on hold to skip weeks, change plans or cancel without penalty.

Bottom line: Who’s our winner?

We really enjoyed our experiences with both Factor 75 and BistroMD and were very impressed with the healthy and delicious services that they provided. However, there always needs to be a winner, and in this instance, our vote went to BistroMD.

We felt that they offered a solution for maintaining a healthy life that was comprehensive and appealing. When it comes to achieving weight management goals, the fact that they offer a full week meal plan really meant they were offering a solution that was designed to succeed. Their menus were extensive, and they catered for many dietary requirements such as diabetes, vegetarian, gluten-free, heart-healthy and many more.


  • A diverse and extensive menu
  • Helps to maintain a healthy diet
  • It’s best value for money