Black Friday 2021 Meal Kits Deals

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black friday meal kits

The biggest shopping weekend in the US is undoubtedly the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are many meal kits Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that are valid for use during this special shopping weekend.

At the Meal Kit Review, we have done the hard work for you! In here you can find all the special deals and promo codes that are available for the different meal kit services during Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

1. Sun Basket – Great Black Friday Meal Kit Coupons With Free Shipping

Sun Basket is your go-to service if you are looking for organic and healthy meals. the company offers an extensive menu with many easy to cook and chef-prepared meals, for balanced eating. Their menu features recipes for specific diets like vegetarian, diabetics-friendly, Paleo, low-carb, and more.

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2. Dinnerly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Meal Kit Promo Codes

Dinnerly is the cheapest meal kit subscription box in the market, designed to help you eat well without breaking your pocket! The company offers 18 delicious meal kits to choose from every week, at an amazing price of $4.49 per serving!

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3. Home Chef Black Friday Deals

Home Chef is one of our favorite meal kit services, mainly because of the high-quality of ingredients they send, and the great home-cooked meals experience they offer.

Most of the Home Chef recipes are classic favorites, with a nice twist at the end. The meals are easy to cook, with many options for extra fast cooking meals.

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4. Hello Fresh Sale for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Hello Fresh in with no doubt the #1 meal kit service in the country. The Hello Fresh service offers an amazingly diverse menu of 20 meals every week, with a range of meals to fit every flavor, from simple taco meals to gourmet style meals like steak like filet mignon a nice cut of prime sirloin steak.

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5. Green Chef Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Green Chef is a USDA approved organic meal delivery service, specializing in menus for the dietary needs of Plant-Based diet, Keto diet, low-carb diet, and Balanced-living diet.

The Green Chef meals are designed by professional chefs and dieticians, with a focus on creating meals that are easy and fast to cook.

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Yumble Kids Black Friday Meal Delivery Coupons

Yumble is a month subscription-based prepared meal delivery service, designed to meet the needs of kids of all ages. The company’s agenda is to remove mealtime stress from busy parents and provide delicious and healthy meals for happy kids.

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If you have never used a meal delivery service before now is the perfect opportunity to try out their services while also taking advantage of special Black Friday and Cyber Monday meal kit coupons! 

There is so much to love about meal kits! You get to order tasty, delicious recipes and someone else does the calorie counting, portion control, recipe writing, and grocery shopping for you! You get a weekly box full of great ingredients for easy and fun cooking at home.

Our team members at the Meal Kit Review are huge fans of meal kit delivery services. We think they are incredibly convenient and allow you to spend more time with your loved ones doing things that you love!

By using a meal kit service, it also means that you will be eating well and never getting bored with the same old dishes. They are a great way to expand your culinary horizons with new ingredients, cooking techniques, and recipes from all over the world. 

The meal-kit industry has expanded rapidly with companies offering menus that cater to almost every imaginable diet and lifestyle requirement. There are meal kits specifically designed for Gluten-free, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and more.

  • Saves Time- The amount of time you save by not having to plan your dinners and do the grocery shopping is the most obvious and significant benefit that comes in mind.
  • Saves Money- Using a food delivery service can help you save money because you will probably waste less food! How many times have you bought ingredients and then had to throw out items you didn’t use? 
  • Expands Your Dietary Horizons – Meal kits delivers innovative and exciting recipes, that in many cases you would never consider to cook at home. The meals are designed by professional chefs who constantly try new ingredient combinations, so they come up with delicious new menu options all the time.
  • Helps with portion Control – With meal kits service, you no longer need to worry about portion size of your meals – the service does it for you! The mals are designed  to be in perfectly sized portions, for balanced and healthy eating at home.
  • Uses high quality Ingredients – Home meal kit delivery services are very often packed with farm-fresh, nutritious and locally sourced ingredients. The best gourmet meal delivery services pride themselves on using seasonal ingredients and offering dietary choices such as low-fat, low-carb and low-sodium meals.

We created the Meal Kit Review website in order to provide a space where you could come and get information about all the companies in the meal delivery industry.

Not only do we provide in-depth company reviews, different service comparisons, and ‘best-of’ lists, we also have a page dedicated to all the special deals, and discount coupons that companies are offering! 

This page is a great place to start if you are new to the world of meal kit deliveries and would like to try a company without too much investment, or if you have been using one company for a while and would like to switch things up a bit.

Take advantage of these crazy Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday meal kit deals and start cooking!