Anti-Inflammatory Meal Delivery Services For 2023

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When A Good Thing Goes Bad – chronic inflammation, and how Meal delivery services can help you with your dietary restrictions.

Unfortunately, many foods that are cheap and readily available in stores can cause chronic inflammation, which has been connected with many long-term diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, there are anti-inflammatory meal delivery services that can help reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases. These meal delivery companies serve meals made with nutrient-dense foods known to be anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation occurs in the body when it comes into contact with harmful chemicals, viruses, etc. It’s your body’s immune response to harmful agents. However, this response becomes problematic when your body continues to react this way without a trigger, aka chronic inflammation. Instead of trying a new medication, you can follow an anti-inflammatory diet to ease the symptoms.

Below, you’ll find information on battling inflammation from the inside, including meal kit service recommendations.

Simple Lifestyle Changes That Fight Inflammation – In A Nutshell, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

When focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet, avoiding processed foods, fried foods, refined carbs, sugary drinks, processed meats, red meat, and margarine/lard is best. These foods have all been shown to increase inflammation in the body.

Additionally, you can make the following lifestyle changes to help prevent inflammation:


      • Quitting smoking

      • Minimizing how much alcohol you drink weekly

      • Staying at a healthy weight

      • Working out daily (or at least 3x per week)

    Best Anti-Inflammatory Meal Delivery Services To Try

    Perhaps you don’t have time to run to the grocery store each week or make your own meals. If that’s the case, having anti-inflammatory meals delivered to your home may be the best solution.

    Green Chef

    Organic & Clean Meal Kits For Balanced Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

    green chef logo
    Full Pricing:
    $11.99 First shipping is FREE
    Updated In:
    May 15, 2024

    Green Chef’s meal kits are delivered with organic produce and high-quality proteins. You can expect your meal kits to arrive sans artificial preservatives and without processed meats.

    When selecting your meals, you can filter them by the Mediterranean diet, which is closest to the anti-inflammatory diet. This meal plan offers dishes with fatty fish and plenty of veggies and can be ordered for two or four people, with two to six recipes per shipment.

    Main Benefits Of Green Chef

    • CCOF-certified organic meal kit ingredients
    • High-quality meats that you can select
    • Most meals are ready in 30 minutes
    • Over 24 dishes are available each week

    Green Chef Anti-Inflammatory Meals To Try

    • Pistou chicken couscous bowls with zucchini, roasted red peppers, kale & dates
    • Salmon with red pepper & raisin couscous & sautéed kale
    • Chickpea salad whole-wheat pita breads with chard, cranberries & curry-spiced carrot
    green chef logo
    Get $250 OFF your first 5 boxes!

    Martha & Marley Spoon

    Healthy Meals Crafted By Martha Stewart

    Full Pricing:
    $8.95 per serving
    Updated In:
    May 15, 2024

    Martha Stewart’s meal kit delivery service uses high-quality ingredients from family-owned farms and carefully vetted producers. The ingredients selected for each recipe are seasonal, which is another must when eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

    Many recipes are baked in the oven or cooked on the stovetop, so you can rest assured that plenty of non-fried dishes are available.

    While you can’t filter out meals by protein source or ingredients, there are helpful tags on each recipe out of the 100+ per week to help you find options that work well for your body. The labels include noting which recipes are 30 minutes or less, dairy-free, healthy, vegetarian, kid-friendly, and more.

    Main Benefits Of Martha & Marley Spoon

    • 100+ meal options weekly from Martha’s culinary collection
    • High-quality ingredients sourced from select producers and farms
    • Each recipe only has six steps
    • Easy-to-cook recipes that are beginner-friendly

    Anti-Inflammatory Meals To Try From Martha & Marley Spoon

    • Crispy parmesan chicken with roasted broccoli
    • Mediterranean chicken skillet with feta & toasted pita
    • Roasted sweet potatoes & crispy chickpeas with marinated tomatoes & tahini dressing
    2024 Deal! Get up to 40% off through 5 orders


    Prepared Meal Delivery Service- Clinically Researched Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

    Full Pricing:
    $9.50 First shipping is FREE
    Updated In:
    May 15, 2024

    BistroMD is a top choice for those interested in reducing inflammation when considering meal delivery services. For example, a doctor designed this service with meals crafted by registered dietitians. Many of the meals have ingredients that are considered anti-inflammatory, like complex carbs, to help you stay on track.

    As a bonus, all meals are low-calorie, which can help you stay at a healthy weight. You can easily filter the meals based on your needs, such as diabetic-friendly, keto, and heart-healthy.

    Main Benefits Of BistroMD

    • Meals crafted by registered dietitians
    • Recipes are designed around your needs and goals
    • Around 50 meals are available each week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
    • You can choose one or three meals per day
    • Low-calorie, healthy meals
    • Meals arrive frozen, so they last a while even if you miss a meal or two

    Anti-Inflammatory Meals To Try From BistroMD

    • Turkey breast with herbed brown gravy
    • Tender grilled chicken piccata over a bed of wheat-free penne pasta
    • Tilapia with orange parsley sauce and green beans
    SPECIAL 2024 OFFER- 50% off + free shipping! Use code IWANT50


    Get Your Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Meals Delivered

    Full Pricing:
    Updated In:
    May 15, 2024

    Factor meal delivery service makes eating meals that fit into an anti-inflammatory diet a breeze. They offer meals that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with smoothies and juices that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

    Many of the meals at Factor include ingredients on the anti-inflammatory foods list, like tomatoes and salmon. While some meals include red meat, there are plenty with chicken, turkey, and fish that you can select instead.

    Main Benefits Of Factor

    • Prepared meals delivered to your door
    • Focus on chicken welfare when sourcing
    • A large variety of meals available each week
    • Option to add-on breakfasts, snacks, smoothies, and juices to deliveries

    Anti-Inflammatory Prepared Meals To Try From Factor

    • Jalapeño-lime-cheddar chicken with spicy cilantro cauliflower rice
    • Miso chicken with cauliflower mash, garlic ginger cabbage & roasted zucchini
    • Pesto salmon with creamed spinach & tomato butter haricots verts
    SPECIAL OFFER! Get up to $130 OFF Factor Meals!

    How Does Chronic Inflammation Make You Feel?

    Chronic inflammation can cause you to be stuck in discomfort, as some symptoms include joint stiffness, aches and pains in the body, and tendonitis. It can also cause weight gain, which can further aggravate any body pains you are already experiencing.

    Additionally, it can disrupt your sleep by causing insomnia and sleep apnea. So, you may feel lethargic throughout the day.

    What To Eat On An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

    Instead of consuming the above foods, focus on eating green leafy veggies, tomatoes, healthy fats (olive oil, nuts), berries and other fruits, and fatty fish. The particular fruits and veggies listed have been shown to have a high amount of antioxidants, which can help prevent inflammatory responses in the body. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between eating nuts and a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, among other benefits.

    Factors Our Experts Use To Rank The Best Anti-Inflammatory Meal Delivery Services

    Our tasting experts use multiple factors to help determine which meal kit companies are the best for each type of diet, including the anti-inflammatory diet. In each review, we consider the variety of meals available, the quality of the ingredients, and how easy it is to prep the meals at home.

    In this case, we found the above options to be the best meal delivery services for reducing inflammation as they fit into each of the listed categories. They each have sufficient meal options, use high-quality ingredients, and offer prepared meals or easy-to-cook meal kits for convenient, healthy eating.

    Bottom Line: Which Is The Best Meal Delivery For Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Restrictions?

    There are pros and cons to selecting any of the above-listed meal delivery services. However, the best meal company depends on your needs. If you’re interested in quick meals that don’t require prep, BistroMD and Factor are great options. Otherwise, if you don’t mind a few dishes and time in the kitchen, Marley Spoon and Green Chef can help you stay on track with an anti-inflammatory diet.

    If you’re cooking some of your meals at home, remember to avoid processed foods, meats, sugary drinks, and other foods known to cause inflammation. You’ll find better results on your anti-inflammatory journey by remaining consistent with your meals (whether from a company or home cooked).

    About the author


    Related FAQ’s

    Generally, meal delivery services will provide a per-meal cost during checkout to help you determine whether it’s within your budget. Each meal delivery company has a slightly different cost, depending on the quality of the ingredients, the number of meals, and whether they charge a shipping cost. When reviewing your order for the meal delivery company of your choice, you’ll typically see a total cost to help you make your choice.

    Sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet can be more accessible when using meal delivery services. As they’re convenient and time-saving, it helps make eating healthy food easier. Plus, meal delivery services typically have a rotating menu each week, so you won’t get tired of eating the same thing daily or run out of recipes.

    Although it may not entirely cure inflammation in the body or associated chronic diseases, doctors, dieticians, and specialists recommend the anti-inflammatory diet to those experiencing chronic inflammation. By focusing on diet, there is a potential to eliminate some of the symptoms of chronic inflammation in the body.

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