BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Plans Review

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My younger sister and her long-time boyfriend have just announced their engagement! They have decided to save themselves the stress of a long engagement and are getting married in just four months’ time! I was of course delighted and excited for them, yet I could not help but think of the 10 extra pounds I had gained as a result of my last pregnancy. I think it is natural for everyone to want to look their best at a wedding!

I think all of us have good reasons for losing weight and many logical excuses as to why it just does not happen. For me, what makes things difficult is my hectic life of running a full house and maintaining a full-time job. Life just gets in the way of me eating well- balanced meals and losing weight. There are many times when I eat what is most readily available (usually a sandwich) or order in, and that is not remotely helpful for weight loss.

I was aware that many prepared meal delivery services focus on ready-to eat meals that are especially designed for weight-loss and I decided to give one of these an honest try. One of the most known companies that specialize in weight-loss is BistroMD.

BistroMD is a prepared meal delivery service founded by Dr Caroline Cederquist, a board-certified physician who specializes in bariatric medicine. The company focuses on creating special menus for weight loss along with menus for specialty diets such as gluten-free, sodium-free and more!


I registered through the BistroMD website for their full five day program that included five breakfasts, five lunches and five dinners. That way I could rest easy knowing that all my week days were fully covered!

I was also very encouraged to see that every main dish on the menu was only 300-400 calories per serving. I thought that  was amazing and a great way to kick off my weight-loss journey!

BistroMD offers a very large rotating menu of over 150 meal options that are all ready to eat in five minutes or less. All meals have been designed by medical and nutritional experts for weight loss and are cooked to perfection by professional chefs.

I received my box a few days after ordering, and I could not wait to see if I would enjoy the meals, and most importantly – would I start seeing some weight loss results before the very important wedding??

BistroMD box

Upon opening the box I was impressed to see that there was insulating material on the inside of the box and a very large amount of ice on both the top and bottom of the box. This ensured that all the frozen meals were still very much frozen, even though my box was left outside of the freezer for a few hours after receiving it. Each one of the 10 meals I ordered was wrapped in its own branded sleeve, that included the name of the meal, heating instructions and most importantly for me – the nutritional facts of the meal. It was all super convenient!  

So… was it tasty?

To be honest, I was completely surprised at how good the meals were. Overall, they were delicious and satisfying, even though the meals were frozen and focussed on weight loss so were obviously very lean. The portion sizes were quite generous as well! Honestly, in most cases it felt like I was eating a homemade meal. When looking on the company’s website, they state that all the BistroMD meals are cooked in small batches by professional chefs in the company kitchens across the USA. This personal approach is evident in the quality of the meals they provide. The meals didn’t feel as if they were mass produced but rather prepared just as they would be if I were cooking them in my own kitchen.

Merlot Meatballs by BistroMD
Stuffed Grape Leaves by BistroMD

A few of the dishes I especially liked were the merlot meatballs with grits that were lovely and tender and were served with a delicious sauce. The stuffed grape leaves were moist and tender as well and the sweet and sour meatballs were super delicious and had an amazing Asian style sauce.  I also loved the four-cheese ravioli which tasted just like freshly cooked pasta. Delicious!

The big question – did I lose weight?

I could not believe it, but after a week had passed, when I weighed myself, I was two pounds lighter! It seemed quite unreal – I was not only enjoying delicious and satisfying food but I was also losing weight. Suddenly the dream of losing 10 pounds by my sister’s wedding did not seem so unrealistic after all! I was absolutely thrilled when the box for my second week arrived….!

So, who it is for?

BistroMD is a great solution for people who wish to lose weight, and it is especially suited for busy people who just don’t have the time needed to think of weight-loss recipes and then to cook them. It is also a wonderful solution for people who need to follow a specific diet such as gluten-free, diabetes etc.

My conclusions on BistroMD weight loss meals

BistroMD is a winning solution when you need assistance with controlling your dietary intake and wish to lose weight. If you are genuine about wanting to lose weight, then you owe it to yourself to give this service a try. BistroMD requires no cooking at all so it is a wonderful option for busy people. The meals are delivered frozen and all you need to do is heat the meals via an oven or microwave! You will not only get to enjoy some great meals throughout the day, but you will also lose weight. Weight loss has never been so easy! On top of all that, the meals from BistroMD are also fresh and taste delicious.

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