We Tried Factor Vegan Meals – Here Is What We Thought

Note: We write our honest review on each product, however, we might receive a sales commission to support this website. See our full disclosure here.

Bottom Line – Factor is one of the best meal delivery services with vegan meal options for 2024. If you’re looking for ready-to-eat meal service to keep your diet life rich in vegan meals – Factor is for you!

In the past few years, Factor (also known as Factor_ and Factor75) has launched healthy meals that fit into keto, vegan, and vegetarian categories. We tried the Factor vegan menu, including the new 2024 add-n feature, and can see why it would be a good option for those following a plant-based diet or wish to enhance their menu with creative vegan meals.

Unlike many other meal delivery services, Factor exclusively focuses on ready-to-eat meals that can be microwaved or heated in the oven. Factor meals are crafted by registered dietitians and cooked by chefs. The service includes a rotating weekly menu with healthy meals. Each meal consists of a single serving, so they’re easy to take to work or for a quick meal at home.

Below, you’ll find more details on our experience with Factor’s vegan meals.

How We Tested The Service?

To provide a more accurate review, we ordered meals from various dietary categories. Then, our team taste-tested them as if they were eating them in their homes. We always begin the process by ordering as if we were a potential customer to help analyze the ordering process, meal selection, and customer service quality.

We re-tested the Factor meals service in early 2024. In our delivery, we got three vegan pre-made meals –

  • Tangy citrus tofu bowl with cauliflower rice
  • Baja tofu, black beans & rice
  • Spicy sweet potatoes with coconut rice & miso-roasted green beans


This is on top of the vegan meals we tried in previous years (like the tomato and roasted vegetable risotto and the peanut Buddha bowl).

The fully prepared meals were delicious and satisfying, with large enough portions to satisfy our team members. The major crowd-pleaser was the sweet potatoes and coconut rice ball, a huge hit! It came with a delicate yet spicy peanut sauce that uplifted the dish and gave it such a nice kick.

We also tried the salted peanut energy bites and tropical fruit smooth. Both were filling snack options that could be an excellent add-on for anyone on a vegan or plant-based diet.

Other Nutritious Meals To Try From The Factor Vegan Menu

  • Three Bean Vegan Chili with Cornbread Casserole & Tofu-Based Crema
  • Chickpea Curry with Forbidden Rice Blend & Ginger Green Beans
  • Blackened Tofu with Cajun Broccoli, Peppers & Vegan Remoulade
  • Spicy Sweet Potatoes & Peanut Sauce with Coconut Rice & Miso-Roasted Green Beans
  • Mujadara (Lentils & Rice) with Tahini Roasted Carrots & Spicy Cilantro Schug (also gluten-free friendly)

Factor Pros & Cons


  • Convenient, 5 minutes heat and eat meals delivered to your door
  • Offer vegetarian and plant-based meals weekly
  • Chef-crafted meals with great taste
  • Great food quality – premium ingredients in each meal
  • Fresh, never-frozen meals
  • Many vegan add-ons to support your diet


  • Only four vegan and vegetarian meal options per week
  • Options for fewer meals are not available (such as three or four meals per week)
  • No meal kit options available to cook at home
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Reviewing The Factor Menu

Health-centric meals, with mainly low-carb, Keto & high-protein prepared meals

When looking at the Factor menu, you dive into a world of delicious and nutritious meals. Each week, the boasting manu offers 35 comfort foods and innovative dishes focusing on healthy eating. 

We were impressed by their health-centric approach. The company states that dietitians designed each menu item, and the menu offers healthy alternatives like cauliflower rice or broccoli grits and various high-protein and keto-friendly meal options and add-ons. 

The meals balance flavor and wellness, ranging from 350 to 900 calories (with most meals being around 600 calories), ensuring a satisfying dining experience without compromising health.

Factor also offers a range of great add-on options, including vegan choices that cater to diverse dietary preferences. Whether craving plant-based delight snacks like peanut butter and chocolate bites or seeking to incorporate more juices and vegan smoothies into your day – the huge vegan selections provide flavorful and wholesome alternatives. 


Factor Meals Flavor and Quality: Crave-Worthy

Overall, we were happy with the flavor of each meal. Even though the meals are geared toward healthy eating, our team found them flavorful. These meals arrived with sufficient seasoning, so they have a balanced taste.

Each meal we tried was filled with fresh, high-quality ingredients that tasted like they were prepared in a home kitchen. Factor strives to include organic fruits and vegetables when possible.


Who’s This Ready Meals Service Good For?

Factor’s ready-to-eat plant-based meal options are ideal for busy people who want healthy food. The meals come pre-portioned, making them ideal for those following (or who want to follow) a fit lifestyle. Moreover, they’re great for people who prefer eating healthy at home but want to avoid cooking or dealing with meal cleanup (unlike Green Chef or other meal kits services).


Factor Customer Service: Very Professional

The customer service team was very professional, from how quickly they responded to questions to their helpfulness. Other Factor75 members reported positive experiences with delivery issues, such as refunds for delayed deliveries due to inclement weather. Factor has also made it easy to skip weekly orders. It’s worth mentioning orders cannot be skipped once they have already been processed.

Signing Up For Factor: How It Works?

The Factor sign-up process is quite straightforward. Like most meal delivery services, you’ll start by selecting your meal preferences (Chef’s Choice, Keto, Vegan & Vegetarian, Calorie Smart, or Protein Plus). Then, select how many meals you’d like delivered each week. Then, you’ll need to register with an email address before entering a shipping address and payment details. In the final step, you’ll select your meals from the available vegan, keto, low-cal, omnivore, and vegetarian recipes.

Factor meal plans

Is It Easy To Cancel Your Factor Subscription?

Yes, canceling your Factor subscription is straightforward and can be done online. You can manage your subscription easily through your online account settings. Simply log in to your account, navigate to the subscription section, and follow the prompts to cancel. Factor’s customer service team is also available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding cancellation. 

Overall, the process is hassle-free and designed to provide flexibility and convenience. It is also good to remember that you do not commit to stay subscribed; you can always cancel, with no hidden canceling fees.


Is Factor An Affordable Meal Service For Vegetarians & Vegans?

Although the price may be higher per meal than some other kits, it’s important to note that the more meals purchased per week, the lower the cost per meal. For example, at 8+ meals per week, the price is comparable to other meal kit delivery companies.

Additionally, the meals are cheaper than most restaurant meals of the same quality. Plus, unlike meal kits, everything arrives pre-made and ready to eat. Ordering Factor75 meals allow you to skip the shopping and cooking, so you have extra time for other activities.


Cooking Factor Meals: Couldn’t Be Easier

You can skip grocery shopping, prep time, and cooking with Factor meals. You simply need to remove the outer packaging and poke or remove the plastic film, then cook until heated through. The directions vary slightly depending on whether you cook the ready-to-eat meal in the microwave or oven. It takes 4-6 minutes to heat the meal and have it ready to consume.


Factor Or Freshly?

Unfortunately, Freshly recently closed its business due to economic challenges. They previously offered chef-crafted prepared meals to customers.

Luckily, Factor offers ready-made meals for various dietary restrictions and lifestyles, so customers can continue eating healthy.


What Do Other Customers Think Of Factor Vegan Meal Service?

Like our experience, other customer reviews of Factor’s vegan meal service are generally positive, highlighting the convenience of use, the excellent taste, and the quality of the meals. Customers also appreciate the variety of vegan options that change weekly, allowing them to diversify their menu. 

One customer wrote:

 “My first meal was three bean chili with a small corn side dish and some sauce. At first, I thought it would be bland and boring. I have started meal kits now, and I am very happy with them. I never thought I would return to prepared meals. BUT…This meal was amazing. The taste was so good without sauce, and after adding sauce, I was blown away. I cleaned the entire tray. “ See the full review here.


Another customer wrote:

“We really like it, the food tastes good, and it’s honestly a relief to just have the ingredients and instructions laid out.” See the full review here.


    factor vegan meals

    Final Verdict On Factor Plant-Based Meals

    Those who want healthy meals delivered to their door each week at a reasonable price will enjoy Factor’s meal delivery service. The meal service offers four great vegan and vegetarian meals every week, so it’s good if you are looking for meals to cover some of your week diet. 

    The Factor-prepared meals make it convenient for those with busy schedules to enjoy dietician-planned, chef-created dishes without taking time out of their day to shop, prep, cook, and clean up for meal time.

    With fresh ingredients and single-serving meals ready in a few minutes, Factor is a great option for health-conscious individuals who follow a plant-based diet.

    About the author


    Related FAQ’s

    It is relatively easy to cancel your Factor subscription on a computer or mobile device. Both options require you to log in to your account. Then, click on “Settings,” “Plan Settings,” “Deactivate My My Plan,” “Cancel Anyway,” and finally, “Deactivate Now.”

    While they are often used interchangeably, vegan and plant-based diets are different. Vegan diets restrict the consumption of all animal products, including dairy, eggs, and even honey (in some cases). In comparison, plant-based diets can include some animal products. A plant-based lifestyle focuses primarily on eating plants (such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, etc.).

    Yes, as this vegan meal delivery service arrives with single servings, it’s a great option for one person. These single servings also help cut down on food waste.

    Factor is a meal delivery service acquired by HelloFresh back in 2020, as part of Hello Fresh’s expansion into the competitive prepared meals business. Rather than delivering ingredients for meals like many other meal delivery services, Factor delivers microwaveable meals, with the promise that the meals are never frozen.

    Factor meals are delivered fresh and are meant to be enjoyed within 7 days of delivery for optimal taste and quality. Upon the arrival of your delivery box, simply store the meals in your fridge. Note that each meal package is labeled with an ‘Enjoy By’ date for your convenience.

    Factor meals should be stored in the fridge if you plan on eating them within six days of receiving your delivery. If you won’t be eating them within this time frame, our recommendation is to freeze the meals in the freezer until you’re ready to eat them. We’ve tried freezing some Factor meals, and when we heat them, we didn’t feel it harmed the quality or taste much.

    The Factor meal delivery service, acquired by HelloFresh in 2020, stands out by delivering fully prepared, microwave-ready meals. This is distinct from the HelloFresh meal kit service, which offers pre-measured ingredient-based meal kits you need to cook at home. With Factor, you can enjoy convenient, ready-to-eat meals that are fresh and never frozen, created by chefs—perfect for those seeking quick, nutritious options without the hassle of cooking.

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