Nutrisystem Vs. Noom – Which Is The Best Weight Loss Program for 2023?

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Nutrisystem and Noom – Two very different approaches to weight loss

When considering commercial weight loss programs to reach a healthy weight, two significant contenders include Nutrisystem and Noom. While both can help you lose weight, the Nutrisystem vs. Noom options feature very different approaches. Nutrisystem focuses on calorie intake by offering a convenient delivery of meals and snacks to help you stay on track. In comparison, Noom helps you learn healthy eating habits by retraining your brain.

Below, we explore the differences between each option and how they support weight loss, including which option allows you to lose weight more quickly.

Nutrisystem Vs. Noom – Head To Head Comparison

What Is Nutrisystem? A Short Overview

Simply put, Nutrisystem delivers low-calorie versions of comfort foods to make eating healthy more convenient. You can select the meals and snacks you want to receive before they ship so they better fit your taste preferences. The available dishes are premade, so they’re ready to eat in only a few minutes. Depending on your plan, you can enjoy Nutrisystem foods five to seven days a week.

How Does Nutrisystem Work? The Best Weight Loss Program For Busy Schedules!

When following the Nutrisystem diet program, you’ll have a sample meal program to follow. This meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks five to seven days per week (depending on the plan selected). That means you’ll eat every 2-3 hours each day, which helps stave off hunger.

Nutrisystem offers menu items with a low-glycemic index and high protein count. Their dishes include low-calorie foods, lean proteins, and high fiber options, and they are devoid of artificial colors/sweeteners. These menu items arrive already portioned, so you can heat them in the microwave or enjoy them directly from the pantry. If you have specific food preferences (such as no fish or dairy), you can filter through the menu for items that match your needs.

nutrisystem d plan
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The Nutrisystem Offers And Plans

Five plans are available through Nutrisystem, including the following options: basic, uniquely yours, uniquely yours max+, complete 55, and the partner plan.

  • Basic Plan: Pantry-ready food that’s easily transportable. Includes meals and snacks.
  • Uniquely Yours: Includes more food options, like frozen meals and restaurant faves.
  • Uniquely Yours Max+: Features the most food options, with 130+ choices.
  • Complete 55: Geared toward those who are 55+. Includes 130+ meal and snack options.
  • Partner Plan: Available in the basic, uniquely yours, and uniquely yours max+ options. Includes meals for couples.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Nutrisystem?

You can lose a maximum of 13 pounds in the first month if you’re a woman. You can lose up to 18 pounds in the first month if you’re a man. Then, it shifts to about a 1-2 pound weight loss every week after. It’s important to note that weight loss will differ for every person depending on factors such as starting weight, activity level, etc.

What Can You Eat On Nutrisystem? Menu Options

As noted before, Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that offers not only the method but also the diet food.

You can expect menu options like the following while on Nutrisystem:

  • Chicken Bianca pizza
  • Mint ice cream sandwich
  • Asian-style salmon with pasta
  • Cinnamon roll
  • Cafe-style creamy tomato soup
  • Grilled chicken sandwich
  • Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast

Nutrisystem Personal Support And Educational Resources

Those needing additional support can work with a weight loss coach through the program for guidance. This weight loss coach will help pair you with a plan that fits your needs best. There’s also an app (the NuMi app) that guides you on what to eat and when to eat it. This app also offers motivational messages, free recipes, a food/water tracker, and a personalized plan to help promote weight loss.

What Are Users Saying About The Nutrisystem App?

Overall, users have noted they enjoyed using the NuMi app as a weight loss aid. Many note the app as a convenient way to log food items for easy tracking. A built-in barcode scanner also helps speed up the logging process.

While most users have found the app helpful, some have noted that certain aspects could be improved, such as setting up and logging foods not from Nutrisystem.

What We Like About Nutrisystem – Main Pros

  • Easy-to-follow plans with already-prepared meals for convenience
  • Low prep time for meals and snacks – meals arrive prepared!
  • Low-glycemic foods that are diabetes-friendly
  • Customized meal plans based on needs

What We Didn’t Like About Nutrisystem – Main Cons

  • Not suitable for those with severe allergies or who are pregnant
  • Limited options for those with stricter dietary preferences/restrictions
  • Lower calorie intake per day can translate to weight gain after leaving the program
Nutrisystem frozen lunch and dinner
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What Is The Nutrisystem Cost?

Each of the plans with Nutrisystem has varying costs based on different quantities of food of meals and selection of foods.

It’s important to note that due to the amount of food consumed by men vs. women, each plan has a cost difference depending on your gender. The basic plan is the most cost-effective option, and the Complete 55 has the highest cost.

While Nutrisystem has a higher monthly cost than Noom, it is significantly less than other similar competitors. For example, it is about 1/2 the cost Jenny Craig notes for its plans.

What Is Noom? A Short Overview

This weight loss program helps you through psychology and science, offering recipes and knowledge you can implement to better understand nutrition. You’ll use an app to log your food, water, and step count as you work toward your goals.

You’ll begin the process by taking a quiz which is used to create a customized plan for you. Then, you’ll submit payment, download the app, and learn about nutrition immediately. Then, a few days in, you’ll meet with a coach to discuss your goals and receive your calorie budget. Then, you’re off on your Noom weight loss journey.

How Does Noom Work? Meet The Green, Yellow, And Red Foods System

Instead of simply counting calories, Noom makes it easier to track your food intake using a Green, Yellow, and Red Foods system.

The Noom diet program aims to fill your day with primarily green and yellow foods since they are more nutrient-dense and lower in calories. Red foods should be eaten in smaller portions and less often during the day since they are more calorie-dense.

Noom Offers And Plans

Noom’s approach to weight loss is much different than Nutrisystem, as mentioned. With Noom, you don’t receive prepared meals. Instead, you use an app to learn about implementing healthy habits into your daily life for weight loss. The app helps you deep dive into your relationship with food for a more customized experience. Every day, you’ll receive motivation and lesson plans that teach practical food knowledge to help you stay on track.

If you have a busy schedule, you can pair Noom with a meal delivery company for added convenience. You can select a meal kit company (so you can craft healthy homemade meals without grocery store visits) or one that offers prepared food choices, depending on your preferences. Having healthy recipes and premade meals at your fingertips will make you more likely to follow diet programs. Two top choices include Factor for prepared meals and Green Chef for meal kits.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Noom?

Noom advertises that you can lose about 1-2 pounds per week while on the program. The total weight loss varies by person, as with the Nutrisystem diet. Generally, the longer you follow the Noom program, the more weight you can expect to lose.

What Can You Eat On Noom? Menu Options

As mentioned, Noom does not include premade meals, as you’d find on Nutrisystem’s menu. However, the app does provide you with helpful, nutritious recipes that you can use to create meals.

You’ll find recipe options like the following on the menu:

  • Vegetable and orzo soup
  • Homemade healthy trail mix
  • Classic kale weight loss smoothie
  • Roasted potato and creamy peanut butter salad
  • Avocado chocolate mousse

If you choose to go for the Noom app, consider using meal delivery services. For example, companies like Green Chef for easy meal kits, or Factor for pre-made meals, offer a large selection of healthy diet meals that can help you stay on track with the Noom Diet.

How Noom and Nutrisystem compare?

Feature Nutrisystem Noom
Dietary Approach Portion-controlled meals and snacks, with a focus on balanced nutrition and frequent eating throughout the day. Focuses on calorie and nutrient density, with a color-coding system to help users make healthier choices.
Meal Plans Offers several meal plans, including options for diabetics, vegetarians, and people who need a heart-healthy diet. Customized meal plans based on individual needs and preferences, with a focus on portion control.
Exercise Encourages moderate physical activity, but does not provide a specific exercise plan. Includes a personalized exercise plan and encourages daily physical activity.
Coaching Provides access to dietitians and weight loss counselors, but not personal coaching. Offers personal health coaching through the app, with daily check-ins and support.
Price Pricing depends on the chosen meal plan, but generally includes the cost of meals and snacks. Monthly subscription fee for the app, which includes coaching. Food is not included.
Food Delivery Delivers pre-packaged meals and snacks to your door. Does not provide food delivery. Users prepare their own meals based on the app's recommendations.
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Noom Personal Support And Educational Resources

While using the app, you’ll be connected with a coach, a goal expert, and a support group to help encourage you to reach your goals. You’ll also find plenty of educational resources in the app, as you’ll be expected to spend between five and sixteen minutes learning about food and nutrition on the app. The lessons will extend for about 16 weeks to help you understand food psychology and how to change your behavior.

What Are Users Saying About The Noom App?

Many of the Noom app users had an overall positive experience. Most claim they lost weight while following the program and were happy to have access to their coach through the app. Additionally, the group chat/online support group chat and the reminders aided people in feeling less alone during the weight loss journey. For some, the pace of the lessons was too quick and overwhelming at times.

What We Like About Noom – Main Pros

  • Keeps things simple with a color-coded system
  • Ample support and education through the app
  • Ideal for various diets (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)
  • Customized plan to your goals/needs

What We Didn’t Like About Noom – Main Cons

  • No set diet plan can lead to overwhelm
  • Higher pricing for an option without prepared meals
  • Only available through smartphone/tablet

What Is The Noom Cost?

Noom has a more straightforward pricing option than Nutrisystem. You can select a monthly plan, specific monthly increments, or an annual plan. The longer you subscribe, the more of a discount you receive. If you elect to pay for one year with automatic renewal, you’ll find it the cheapest option.

Which Is Better For Fast Weight Loss? Noom Vs. Nutrisystem

If your focus is losing weight quickly, Nutrisystem is a top choice.

Noom suggests a minimum of 1,310 to 1,540 calories daily, while most Nutrisystem plans fall between 1,200-1,500 daily calories. So, you’ll be in a larger calorie deficit than with the Noom system, which can lead to quicker weight loss. 

It’s important to note that while you may lose weight more quickly with Nutrisystem, the habits formed and slower weight loss with Noom may lead to keeping the weight off better long term.

Our Winner Is Nutrisystem

When comparing Noom vs. Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem came out on top for us. Their convenient portion-controlled food delivery service makes it easy for everyone (even those with hectic schedules) to enjoy balanced meals while following the plan.

Bonus, you’ll save time creating grocery lists, finding recipes, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and kitchen clean up. By making it easy for dieters to stay on track, you’ll be more likely to lose weight while following the program.

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