Top 5 Blue Apron Competitors

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Similar to Blue Apron Meal Delivery:

Are you a Blue Apron fan but would like to try other meal kit delivery services? Or maybe you have been using Blue Apron for a while now and would like to experience something a little bit different? Well, we are here to help you experiment with something new and to make the best decision!

Why do you need to look for alternatives for Blue Apron?

Blue Apron was the first meal kit delivery service in the industry, and undoubtedly it is the most well-known. There are some great benefits that come with using the Blue Apron service, but we also feel that it is important to explore other alternatives that the market has to offer. Part of the appeal of using a meal kit delivery service is endless variety and it is great to try other companies for a change, especially when there are so many great alternatives to Blue Apron out there.

Blue Apron has many competitors that are quite like Blue Apron in the sense that they all offer a meal kit delivery service, but they differ in many other ways.  Some offer menus for special dietary needs, others offer more flexibility with their plans and many offer a larger variety of dishes per week and so on.

What to look for when choosing an alternative to Blue Apron?

There are many components to look at when looking for the best alternatives to Blue Apron. From our point of view, the most important ones to consider are as follows:

  • Variety of meals offered per week
  • Pricing
  • Quality of ingredients
  • Variety of special plans such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc
  • Nutritional value in the meals
  • Style and complexity of dishes
  • Portion sizes of each meal
  • Terms of subscription

Our team of experts has tried all the meal kit services that are available and this is what we have discovered when it comes to looking at the best Blue Apron alternatives in the market. In our thorough comparisons, we have looked at all the parameters listed above. That way you can be assured that the following is an in-depth overview of alternatives that are available.

Look at our list of the top 5 Blue Apron alternatives and then decide what meal kit delivery service you would like to use next.

1. Hello Fresh- Best Blue Apron Alternative 

Hello Fresh is your best pick as an alternative to Blue Apron if you are looking to make your weeknight meal preparations both easy and delicious. Hello Fresh recipes are full of farm-fresh ingredients and require a short cooking time of around 30 minutes.

When it comes to variety, Hello Fresh allows you to choose between nine recipes in the Classic Plan, three recipes in their Veggie Plan, and five recipes in their Family Plan. You will find this is a better selection than offered by Blue Apron. Among their dishes, you will also be able to find some healthier choices of dietitian-approved meals that are not only under 550 calories but are also enjoyable to cook and eat.

Chicken creamy dill HelloFrersh
Chicken creamy dill HelloFresh

2. Sunbakset- Similar to Blue Apron

Sun Basket is the healthiest alternative for Blue Apron by emphasizing the fact that their priority is making healthy cooking achievable. This also comes with the promise of delivering organic and sustainably sourced ingredients for every meal!

Sun Basket is also a great alternative to Blue Apron since they offer a plan that involves a huge amount of variety with a large weekly menu of 18 recipes.  This is opposed to eight recipes in the Classic Plan and only four in the Family Plan of Blue Apron. Most recipes are also very easy to follow and take no more than 20-30 minutes to cook.

Among the dishes offered weekly, you will find a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo-friendly, vegan, Mediterranean, pescatarian, and more.

mexican menu sun basket
Mexican menu sunbasket

3. Home Chef- Blue Apron’s threat

Home Chef is another great substitute for Blue Apron since Home Chef is all about well-known dishes with a twist that uses the best farm-fresh quality ingredients. A great alternative to Blue Apron, it is most suitable for couples and families who don’t have much spare time but who still want to have tempting home-cooked meals.  

This range of meals are super delicious meals and take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare! It is also a great alternative to Blue Apron since their weekly menus are much more flexible and include 12 dinner selections with some lovely vegetarian options.

They also have very attractive add-ons like 5-minute lunches, a fruit basket, and a smoothie.

Home Chef Oven Ready

4. Martha and Marley Spoon- Similar to Blue Apron

Martha & Marley Spoon is the meal kit delivery service of the most well-known home cooking guru in America – Martha Stewart.

Martha & Marley Spoon is a good alternative for Blue Apron because the quality of ingredients is excellent, and the meals always taste delicious.

They offer a selection of 10 weekly recipes for you to choose from, among them, you can find some vegetarian, dairy-free, low-calorie and recipes with a short preparation time. All of these come with the highest quality farm-fresh local ingredients and there is an additional focus on serving extra fresh vegetables to your dinner table.

Cheesy Baked Quesadillas
Martha- Cheesy Baked Quesadillas with Green Enchilada Salsa

Blue Apron Alternatives- Comparison Table

For your convenience, we have made the perfect pricing comparison of all these services! That way you can easily figure out which of our top picks for Blue Apron alternatives suits your wallet.
Company Price per serving for two people for three meals per week Price per serving for four people for three meals per week Shipping cost Order Now!
Sun Basket $11.99 $10.99 6.99  Visit Website>>
Hello Fresh $9.99 $8.74 Free  Visit Website>>
Home Chef $9.95 $9.95 Free  Visit Website>>
Martha & Marley Spoon $10.25 $8.90 Free  Visit Website>>

Bottom Line:

Blue Apron is a very reliable and well-established meal kit delivery service. However, if you are looking for other options to diversify your meal kit experience and to experiment with other flavors then offered by Blue Apron, then you have some very good alternatives.

Whatever you’re looking for in a meal kit delivery service, it is important to know that there is always an option for you out there.

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