Review of Blue Apron Premade Meals

We Gave It a Try, And This Is What We Thought

Blue Apron, the big name in the industry of meal kits, has a new meal-offering – Heat and Eat Meals.

These meals reflect the Blue Apron company’s same commitment to high-quality ingredients and a chef-made experience. Still, they’re even easier and faster to prepare at home, and they also support less food waste at home.

Favorites from the newly created meals include a Southwest chicken dinner with black beans and rice, Italian meatballs with green beans and lemon caper butter, and soy-miso chicken with udon noodles and bok choy.

We sampled the meals to see how the new menu lived up to expectations. 

How Do Blue Apron Prepared Meals Work?

If you’re already a Blue Apron subscriber, the good news is that you won’t have to change anything to take advantage of these ready-made meals. The Heat & Eat dishes are simply additions to the regular meal kit menu. So all you have to do is select one or all of your weekly meals from the new line. This means you can stick to your regular Blue Apron meal plan but add a few more convenient options into your box each week.

For now, there is a limited menu of ready-to-eat meal options that focus on lunch and dinner options, though we expect that to expand, assuming customers enjoy the Heat Eat Meals.

If you’re new to the meal kit, you can sign up for your first box and customize it with all Heat Eat Meals or a combination of premade meals and cook-it-yourself traditional meal kit recipes.

Review of the Blue Apron Heat & Eat Meals We Tried

We tried the new and efficient menu expansion of Blue Apron Heat Eat meals for ourselves. Here’s what we thought:

Heat-and-Eat -Meals blue apron

Calabrian Chile Meatballs

This Italian-inspired dish had a nice amount of heat to it without going overboard. The meatballs were served in a mild tomato sauce with mashed potatoes and green beans on the side.

We liked that the beans helped their snappiness and bright green color, even after microwaving. Also, the mashed potatoes were light and fluffy and an excellent accompaniment to meatballs instead of pasta.

Calabrian chile meatballs with mashed potatoes, green beans & lemon-caper butter
Calabrian chile meatballs with mashed potatoes, green beans & lemon-caper butter

Soy-Miso Chicken & Udon Noodles

Next, we sampled a Japanese-inspired meal of noodles and chicken in a sort of stir-fry. The udon held its chewy texture nicely, and the sauce was delicious. There was also a good amount of chicken in the dish, and we liked the variety of veggies, which made this take-out style dinner feel healthy.

Cheesy Guajillo Chicken & Rice

Finally, we loved the enchilada-style chicken and rice dish. The sauce had a nice amount of heat and plenty of fresh corn, beans, and diced peppers.

The chicken breast stayed impressively moist and tender, thanks in part to the cheesy guajillo pepper sauce. We would gladly eat this cheesy guajillo chicken & rice meal again!

What You Should Know About Blue Apron

If you’re considering a new meal kit subscription, Blue Apron is a great option!

The Blue Apron meal kit company offers an extensive menu of upscale recipes that are easy to cook at home. And now, things are even easier with the NEW heat & eat meal options.

Blue Apron offers menu items that work for all kinds of dietary preferences and some allergies. You’ll find vegetarian and plant-based options, meals designed for weight loss, and plenty of hearty dinners for omnivores and carnivores.

The Blue Apron meal plan is also easy to manage. There’s no long-term commitment, so you can skip weeks if you leave town or cancel at any time.

The Blue Apron meal plans include options for 2- or 4-serving dishes. You can opt for two to four recipes a week. There is also a fully vegetarian option and a wellness plan, including carb-conscious options and WW-approved meals.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we enjoyed the Heat Eat Meals from Blue Apron.

We tried three initial menu items. Those reflected the Blue Apron meal kit’s commitment to making delicious chef-designed recipes with premium ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty and easy weekday lunch solution or want a super quick dinner every now and then, Heat & Eat meals are worth trying.

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