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30 minutes

Taste ranking

Nice 85%
Curry Chicken & Vegetables by Blue Apron

"Blue Apron only provided 3 mini peppers and quarter of a cabbage. A very small portion in my opinion."

My Honest Review:

This dish included some lovely flavors. It was quite tasty and very easy to cook. However, we had some issues with the small portion size of the  vegetable component of this dish.

The chicken itself was delicious and it was served with a fragrant, spicy curry. I personally prefer more sauce with this style of dish, so you could always use some more of the curry sauce on the side.

The coconut rice was amazing and was a true winner for me! It is undoubtedly something that I will make again in the future.  The vegetables with the ponzu sauce were great. But I do have to say it was a bit disappointing to receive green cabbage instead of red cabbage for this recipe. Red Cabbage, I believe has more flavors and is better suited to this type of dish. 

Both my husband and I felt that there needed to be more vegetables.

Blue Apron only provided  3 mini peppers and quarter of a cabbage. A very small portion in my opinion.

Overall, this was a great dish with some delicious flavors, but the side dish was just too small for this recipe.

  • Post published:April 29, 2018
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