Salmon Burgers & Smoky Potatoes

Salmon Burgers & Smoky Potatoes


40 minutes

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Yummy! 93%
Salmon Burgers & Smoky Potatoes

This dish from Blue Apron got big ticks from us!


My Honest Review:

In my experience, cooking the perfect burger has always been somewhat of a challenge.  Ideally you want a burger that stays together while still being moist and tender inside.  I was a little wary of these Salmon Burgers because of that reason, but I was so glad I gave this recipe a try.  This dish from Blue Apron got big ticks from us!

The cooking process with these burgers was quite appealing. You first cooked the salmon before flaking it and then made the burger from the cooked flakes.  It was so reassuring knowing that the burger was made from the cooked salmon.

I would have no hesitation in giving this one to my kids. One of the main reasons I adore using meal kit delivery services is because it gives you the opportunity to try different flavor combinations that you can use in your everyday cooking.  This dish was a great example of that. The dressing was made from a delicious mix of mayo and relish – such a simple but tasty idea.

Salmon Burgers & Smoky Potatoes

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