Seared Steaks & Spicy Peppers

Seared Steaks & Spicy Peppers


45 minutes

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Yummy! 90%
Seared Steaks & Spicy Peppers

Blue Apron never lets you down with the incredible quality of their ingredients.


My Honest Review:

Undoubtedly my favourite thing about this tasty dish was the superb quality of the steaks.  They were mouth-wateringly good. There were some delicious Asian and Japanese inspired flavors in this dish.  I love my vegetables and I really enjoyed the sweet potatoes which were served with a lovely dressing made of mayo, scallions, white yuzu and miso.  There were so many different flavors that added to this very satisfying meal. Sambal Oelek is a spicy sauce that is often used in Blue Apron recipes and this sauce was used to create a lovely spicy peppers dish.  The meal was finished off with a soy glaze that was used on the steak. This unique and delicious flavor combination made for a meal that was truly enjoyable to eat. I know I have already mentioned the steak, but I have to say that it was one of the most delicious steaks I have ever cooked in my kitchen.  

Just as a side note, overall this meal did take some time to cook – 45 minutes in total.  So, if you have a busy week planned, perhaps this is a good one to save as a treat for the weekend.

Seared Steaks & Spicy Peppers

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