Smoked Trout Rice Bowl by Blue Apron

Smoked Trout Rice Bowl, a Blue Apron Recipe


25 minutes

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Perfect! 100%
Smoked Trout Rice Bowl by Blue Apron

We love Japanese food so we were really looking forward to this one, and I am very happy to say that we were not disappointed!


My Honest Review:

The smoked trout bowl was a wonderful Japanese-inspired dish that was filled with incredible flavors! The combination of the glazed sweet carrots, the spicy mayo dressing and the rich smoked flavor of the trout fish was truly wonderful.  All of this served with the freshest bok choy and radishes created a dish that was a pure joy to eat.

As a lovely bonus, it was very easy to make. The processes involved were cooking the sushi sticky rice, cutting the salad and marinating with the yuzu juice, seasoning the smoked trout and lightly cooking the carrots in the pan for few short minutes. It was very simple, and it took only 25 minutes before dinner was served.

This time, the portion of the dish was satisfactorily generous. Unfortunately, we have had previous experiences with Blue Apron where the portion sizes were a little small. But that was not the case with the Smoked Trout Rice Bowl.

Overall, an amazing dish from the Blue Apron culinary team!

Smoked Trout Rice Bowl by Blue Apron

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