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Parisian Steak Frites by Blue Apron

"The steak was tender and was very generously proportioned for two people."

My Honest Review:

Blue Apron is currently working in collaboration with Airbnb on a project called “The Best Home Cooking from Around the World”.  Their aim is to bring global culinary experiences to home cooks across America. 

This Parisian Steak Frites dish from Blue Apron is part of this new collaboration.

This dish is a classic Parisian recipe and it was delicious and so easy to cook.  Overall, we really loved it.  A great new offering from the Blue Apron culinary team.  

The ingredients supplied were of a very high quality.  The steak was tender and was very generously proportioned for two people.  The broccoli was lovely and green and the potatoes were nice as well. We also enjoyed both the thyme butter on the steak and the garlic mayo which was served on the side with the vegetables. . . Both were full of aroma!

The only improvement that I would make to this recipe is to bake the potatoes longer than what was recommended.  The recipe said to bake them for 11-12 minutes but they needed at least 20 minutes in my opinion.

Parisian Steak Frites by Blue Apron
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