HelloFresh Vs. Marley Spoon 2022

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HelloFresh Vs. Marley Spoon 2022
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The meal kit industry is booming, and for a good reason, meal kits are a great and convenient way to eat well without having to go grocery shopping. Vegetarians and meat-lovers, alike, can benefit from and enjoy meal kits delivered directly to their doorstep.

Because meal kits are so popular and the industry is constantly changing, choosing the right meal kit service can be challenging. Here, we review HelloFresh and Martha & Marley Spoon, see how they compare, and give you all the information you need to determine which one is best for you.

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: Variety of Plan

Hello Fresh offers three different plans:

  1. Classic Plan offers three to four dishes per week for two or four people
  2. Family Plan provides two to three meals per week for four people
  3. Veggie Plan offers a choice of three plant-based meals per week and is suitable for two or four people

Martha & Marley Spoon offers two flexible meal plans:

  • The Two-Person Plan with the choice of two, three, or four meals per week
  • The Three to Four Person Plan with the option of two, three, or four meals per week which is ideal for a family plan
Hello fresh vs Martha and Marley

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: Delivery Areas

Hello Fresh delivers to the continental U.S., but currently does not deliver to Alaska or Hawaii. The company says they are in the process of improving their delivery system, so that they may be able to expand their services shortly.

Martha & Marley Spoon delivers to many states throughout the U.S., but do not specify which states on their site. If you want to see if they deliver to your area, you can connect with a customer service rep via live chat.

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: Variety of Dishes

Each week, Hello Fresh offers a total of 17 recipes to choose from, and the majority of them are different every week to provide optimal variety. You have access to all the recipes with the Classic Plan (and you choose three to four). 

If you have the Family Plan, you select your meals from a list of nine, and the Veggie Plan is a choice of three plant-based dishes.

Martha & Marley Spoon offers 20 recipes that change weekly and based on your plan you can choose from categories like Health & Diet, Vegetarian & Vegan, Meat & Fish, Under 30 Minutes, and Family-Friendly.

Both companies offer a great deal of variety every week, so you have the option to try new meals and revisit old favorites.

Special Offer- 16 FREE Meal + 3 Surprise Gift + FREE Shipping!
Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Buffalo Glazed Chicken Breast by Martha and Marley Spoon
Buffalo Glazed Chicken Breast by Martha and Marley Spoon

The first thing I noticed, when I opened the delivery box, was the amazing quality of the products that they provided. The chicken breast was clean, the lettuce looked lovely and fresh, it was one of the best meal kit deliveries I have ever received.  It was nothing short of a joy! The beautiful fresh vegetables were especially appreciated as I love eating some greens for dinner.

It must be noted too, that the portions were very generous.  The chicken breast we received was not only incredibly clean, it was also more than ample in size.  There was also a HUGE beautifully fresh lettuce head and 2 medium size carrots. The result was a gigantic salad that I could not finish in one serving so I was left with substantial leftovers for the following day. It was almost like getting two meals for the price of one!

The cooking process for this dish, was very easy. It simply involved cutting all the ingredients and toasting the bread in the pan to make the garlic croutons. It was then a matter of cooking the chicken with the quick buffalo hot sauce and preparing the best salad I have eaten in a very long time! It was such an easy meal to make after working all day, and the result was DELICIOUS, healthy and lean. You can’t really ask for more!

$120 OFF For The First 5 Boxes (40-20-20-20-20)

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: Style and Complexity of Dishes

A delicious meal kit should be quick and easy to prepare, but not lacking in flavor. After tasting dishes from Hello Fresh and Martha & Marley Spoon, we can confidently say that both companies offer flavorful meals.

Hello Fresh offers classic meals, that many customers are familiar with, and adds ingredients that give the meals a new “twist.” 

Meals from Martha & Marley Spoon are classic meals with ingredients and easy techniques provided by the famous home cook, Martha Stewart. Both companies create recipes that are easy enough for anyone to put together without feeling too overwhelmed and in a short amount of time.

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: Quality of Products

Both meal kit companies provide customers with high-quality ingredients. Hello Fresh uses meat, poultry, and seafood that is hormone-free and sustainably sourced. While some of the produce is organic, Hello Fresh focuses more on providing fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal.

Martha & Marley Spoon uses many of the high-quality ingredients that one would expect from Martha Stewart. Each recipe uses seasonally fresh ingredients and the farm-to-table method, which ensures some of the freshest and best quality meat and produce. 

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon Box

Each company sends the weekly meals in a high-quality box with an easy-to-identify and attractive logo. Both companies also save you the work (and food waste) by portioning and sorting the ingredients for you. 

The packaging includes ice packs that keep your food at a safe temperature for a few hours.

Meal prep is even easier because all you need to do is grab the ingredients and assemble the meal. There’s no confusion or guesswork on the ingredients. The portioned-out ingredients also ensure that you have the “perfect” portion every time.

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: The App and Website

Hello Fresh and Martha & Marley Spoon have websites and apps that make it easy to register, order, select and change meal plans, and even skip a week. 

Each company’s site and app allow you to view future menus, a breakdown of ingredients, and other essential information such as nutritional facts.

Hello Fresh Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon: Plan Terms

Hello Fresh and Martha & Marley Spoon offer flexible scheduling, which makes skipping a week or changing your plan an easy process. Simply visit the website or app and request the changes you need. 

Canceling your subscription is also a hassle-free process with either company.


Martha & Marley Spoon does not offer any add-on’s like dessert, but according to the company, they are working on expanding their menu. Hello Fresh has an extensive wine collection available to help you complete your dinner and find the perfect wine pairing for your meals.

What’s the Bottom Line- HelloFresh vs Marley Spoon- who’s our winner?

Hello Fresh and Martha & Marley Spoon offer a wide selection of recipes with flavorful and high-quality ingredients to make every dinner an enjoyable experience. HelloFresh is one of the largest meal kit services and has lots of experience creating recipes that people love to cook and eat at an affordable price.

Hello Fresh, our personal favorite, is best suited for people who want quick, easy, and delicious classic meals with familiar flavors. Martha & Marley Spoon also offers classic meals, but their focus is a little different by using more sophisticated techniques and high-quality ingredients made famous by Martha Stewart. 

We choose Hello Fresh as our winner because not only does our tasting team give each dish a thumbs up for flavor, but we also like the convenience and ease of use for anyone who desires a delicious and healthy meal.

Hello Fresh Is Our Winner
  • Meals are Yummy every time!
  • The best variety of classic home cooking with a chef’s touch!
  • Many easy cooking process meal options
  • Healthy eating made easy
  • Best value for money
  • Portions are very generous
Special Offer- 16 FREE Meal + 3 Surprise Gift + FREE Shipping!
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