Sunbasket Vs. Dinnerly 2023 – Organic vs. Affordable

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$4.99-8.49 per serving
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May 15, 2024
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$9.99 per box
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May 29, 2024

Have you ever considered ordering a meal kit? If your body is longing for something fresh and delicious, but there is no time for heavy cooking in your busy schedule, it is time to order meal delivery services.

As we grow, preparing meals and keeping up with our diet become difficult tasks. Therefore, if you hate the meal planning process, portion sizing, and going to the grocery store, a meal kit subscription service can be your best option. Even if you are just stuck in a repetitious meal cycle, adding a meal kit may add flavor to your weekly routine.

However, the quality and style of the services range from one company to another. With so many options to choose from – like Blue apron, sun basket, Green Chef, Home Chef, or Dinnerly – it can be a bit overwhelming.

Today we are comparing two meal kits on the market – Dinnerly and Sun Basket. Read on our review to know which one best suits your needs:

Types of Meals

Dinnerly helps you save more money and time and eat great home-cooked meals without wasting more than 30 minutes in the kitchen. It is an excellent choice for home cooks on a tight budget and offers a menu that changes every week.

With Sun Basket meals, you can choose the ingredients that suit your style and diet. You can pick the number of meals you want to order per week, double or triple your delivery whenever you need more organic ingredients, choose between high-quality and premium meat options, and fully tailor your orders and meal schedule.

Meal Options: Sun Basket or Dinnerly

Both Dinnerly and Sun Basket apply a weekly rotating menu rule. Dinnerly offers 20 recipes per week, while Sun Basket delivers about 25 weekly options just for dinners. Salads, snacks, soups and broths, and sauces are also available as add-ons to your box.

Sun Basket features two basic plans: Clients can subscribe to the traditional method for either two or four people, while the family plan includes only four people. Both of them have many menu choices that make it easy to find your favorite types of meals.

For example, the family option provides a vegan plant-based menu or a chef’s meal that includes kids friendly recipes such as pasta and tacos. The traditional menu features a chef’s list and paleo, lean and nutritious, gluten-free, clean and healthy, organic, seafood, diabetes-friendly, and easy-to-use and straightforward menus.

No matter which menu you pick, classic plan subscribers can customize meals from all weekly options to get the package they like. However, family plan subscribers have limited choices and should choose among the six options.

With Dinnerly, you can select three recipes a week for both two-person and four-person menus. You can customize your box within the weekly options to get the package you like.

Dinnerly also doesn’t provide concrete recipe cards with the ingredients, as most firms do. Again, while it’s challenging to look up a recipe on the phone, it saves a lot of money because it keeps the customer’s costs down.

The smooth, easy service extends right to Dinnerly ingredients. They generally only introduce six components for each recipe, and the meals are usually ready to consume within about half an hour. From our experience, with Dinnerly, you get terrific delicious meals, such as Garlic-Scallion Pork Burgers or Mexican Beef and Corn Lasagna.

Dinnerly Review

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Sun basket and Dinnerly Recipe Variety

Dinnerly serves a variety of meals on its menu every week. It offers children-friendly, vegan-friendly, gluten-free vegetarian, low-carbon, low-calorie, and dairy-free dining recipes. You may also go for one-pot and less than 30-minute meals. Bear in mind, though, that not all of these choices are available at all times.

Sun Basket, on the other hand, is focused on super healthy eating and recipes to match the needs of many special diets like Paleo, low carb, the Mediterranean diet, diabetics-friendly, gluten-free, heart-healthy, and more.

Many famous international cuisines inspire the Sun Basket dishes – from Mexico, Italy, Asia, and more. In addition to dinner meals, the service delivers 5-minute salads, famous sauces and dips, and veggie meals prepared as add-ons.

Food Quality

Dinnerly includes only the best and the finest ingredients. It contains natural vegetables and many other healthy components and high-quality services.

Sun Basket delivers the best organic products of the season. All of the food and dairy comes from sustainably grown, hormone- and antibiotic-free animals. The company also makes sure to create recipes with healthy ingredients like gluten-free pasta, whole grains, cauliflower rice, and more.

Packaging And Delivery

Both Sun Basket and Dinnerly deliver their components in mostly recyclable packaging, such as compostable or reusable cardboard cases. Dinnerly doesn’t arrange ingredients by meals, but Sun Basket does.

For when this article is written, both charge shipping expenses. Sun Basket customers pay $6.99 per package, but the first week of delivery is free of charge, while Dinnerly delivery costs $8.99.

Dinnerly and Sun Basket – Nutritional Value of Meals

Many customers consider Sun Basket as the best organic meal kit delivery service. It offers additional options like egg bites, yogurt drinks, and granola from certified manufacturers.

As far as the cooking process is concerned, Sun Basket keeps things as simple as possible and takes good care of some of the more challenging ingredients for you.  Some recipes can be prepared in less than 20 minutes, and Sun Basket strives to meet your needs by all means.

Although some cooking kits want to turn you into a gourmet, Dinnerly can be more accessible to people just starting in the kitchen. There would be no complicated methods and no hard-to-source ingredients, only basic recipes that could easily become essentials.

 Many customers found that Dinnerly regularly delivers convenient, healthy, and fresh food that you need to cook, consume, and enjoy.

sun basket lettuce cups

Popular Dishes of Sunbasket and Dinnerly

Both businesses offer a different menu every week. Dinnerly and Sun Basket deliver such an outstanding variety of dishes that it’s challenging to pick from! To stimulate your tastebuds, here are some of the most favorite meal options:

Dinnerly meals:

  • Fettuccini Alfredo with Chili-Garlic Broccoli
  • Chipotle Burger with Pickles and Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Mojo Chicken Tacos with Pickled Cucumber
  • Chicken and Tomato Risotto with Feta and Crispy Oregano

Sun Basket meals:

  • Salmon with Roasted New Potatoes and Green Beans.
  • Green goddess chicken salad lettuce cups with roasted almonds
  • Grilled Steak with Roasted Poblanos and New Mexican Chile Sauce.
  • Mediterranean garlic shrimp with Spanish rice
Korean Beef Skewers
Korean Beef skewers by Sunbasket

This dish was another quick and easy meal from the Sun Basket culinary team. We love the variety of meals that are available on the Sun Basket menu. You can find meals that incorporate many culinary influences from around the globe. This dish was very much Korean inspired, and we thoroughly enjoyed the skewers.

The flavors from the fresh ground beef combined beautifully with a punchy mix of ginger, scallions and a spicy chile paste. We absolutely loved the slaw, for two main reasons.

The first reason was the added twist of the crispy organic pears, and the second reason was the incredible dressing, made with almond butter, toasted sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar. It gave this salad a fresh sweet and delightful earthy taste.

Like all of Sun Basket meals, this one was suitable for many dietary needs. Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and low-carb. When you need to choose your weekly selection, you can clearly see on the online menu, which recipes cater to various dietary requirements and lifestyle preferences.

No-stir Shrimp Scampi Risotto
No-stir Shrimp Scampi Risotto Dinnerly

This Dinnerly risotto is different from most risotto meals we have tried in the past. What makes it so low on the calorie count is that you cook the risotto rice with seafood broth mixed with water instead of loads of butter, cream, or cheese. 

Moreover, the risotto was extremely easy to cook. The cooking process simply involved prepping the broth mix, cutting the spinach, sautéing the shrimp, cooking the risotto, and then finishing it off with a little parmesan and lemon zest before serving. It took us about 30 minutes, and it tasted like a delicious risotto you would enjoy in a nice restaurant. 

This meal was delicious and comforting; perfect for the end of a long day at the office. Yet it was not very heavy, so from our point of view, it scored a 100! What makes it even more appealing is that you can enjoy this meal for less than $5 per serving, which we think is incredibly affordable! We definitely recommend giving this dish a try!

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Website and Ordering Process

Both companies offer a website and an app. The Dinnerly and Sun Basket registration is accessible and easy. You can log, order your food, change your menus, update your information, change payment options, and handle all the data on your account. You can even browse potential menus and set up the next deliveries.

online recipe Dinnerly

Help & Support Team

Clients have several available ways to contact Dinnerly and Sun Basket customer service. You can reach out by calling them or sending an email. There is also an online form to fill out a message and receive an answer from the company representative. The company’s website contains a very comprehensive information base and FAQ section to help you find answers to your inquiries. The support team is available from Monday to Friday.

Sunbasket and Dinnerly – Who Is Our Winner?

We enjoyed our experience with both Sun Basket and Dinnerly. We can confidently declare that both deliver tasty recipes at a fantastic. Most notably, both businesses provide delicious and delightful dinners!

So, what makes each company Stand Out?


Pros: Much more affordable, favorite everyday meals, fewer ingredients, easy-to-cook recipes

Cons: If you’re focused on super healthy eating, Dinnerly’s choices may be a bit too elementary for your preferences and standards.


Pros: good quality organic products and sustainable sourcing, health-conscious meals that take multiple dietary limitations into account, and delicious house sauces.

Cons: Much more expensive than the Dinnerly services due to ingredient sourcing.

Our winner for this Challenge is Dinnerly!

After purchasing and testing meal kits from both popular meal kit companies, we can provide information on flavor, sustainability, pricing, and who the ideal consumer is for each meal kit. 

At the end of the day, we feel Dinnerly simply gives a much better value for your money!

The company also offers a broad range of tasteful meals for dinner, lunch, and breakfast, including excellent vegetarian, dairy-free, low-calorie, and low-carb meal kit choices.

Even though the price is much lower, the quality of the ingredients we got from Dinnerly was always outstanding (and we have got several shipments from it. From fresh meats, and good quality seafood, to great seasonal veggies. 

Dinnerly Is Our Winner
  • Super affordable!
  • Simple and easy
  • a Large meal variety
2024 OFFER! Dinnerly Coupon: Up to 43% Off First Box With Free Shipping
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