Corporate Meal kits gifts

Indulge your employees and clients with the gift of an easy home cooking meal kit experience!

Corporate meal kit Gifts can be personalized by each individual.

We are working closely with THE BEST MEAL KIT companies in the market. Our team of experts can help you find the right meal kit service for your corporate needs.

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Benefits of Meal Kits as a Corporate Gifting:

  • Fun and easy cooking experiences at home – With many people working from home, meal kits offer an international experience of flavors to try. The meals are easy to cook using a step-by-step recipe card with full cooking instructions. Some companies also provide 15-minutes meal kits and oven-ready meals.
  • Support a healthier lifestyle for your employees – Portioned control and balanced meals, designed by professional chefs.
  • Personalized menus – Each recipient can choose his dietary preferences and get a personalized menu. Many meal kit services offer menus for different diets like vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and more.
  • Convenient delivery – Pre-portioned ingredients that are carefully packaged in a refrigerated box, with the flexibility to choose your delivery day.
  • Time-saving – No need to plan meals or go grocery shopping.
  • Best ingredients quality – meal kit companies make sure to supply high-quality fresh produce from the country’s best farms and producers. 
  • Meal kits for corporate gifts can come at various price points, based on your budget.

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