There are so many reasons to use a meal kit service. They are incredibly convenient, and with their perfectly portioned ingredients, using them means less food waste. A meal kit service means fewer trips to the grocery store and less time preparing menus. They are also surprisingly affordable compared to buying your ingredients from the grocery store. Regardless of your reasons, sometimes it is lovely to have the option of indulging yourself with a tempting dessert when you are craving something sweet at the end of a nice dinner.

Most meal kit services do not provide many dessert options if any at all. But there are a couple of companies that do include a choice of desserts that you can include with your weekly delivery. So read on to find out about our two favorite companies that provide sweet options for their customers.

In-depth: Meal kits Services who Offers Desserts: 

Plated is no longer offering a meal kit subscription plan. Click here to check out other great meal kits alternatives

Plated Meal Kits- Desserts Menu

As a Plated customer, you will have the option of two tempting desserts to choose from every week. Plated overall, offers an incredibly diverse menu. Their menu options range from recipes that offer a little bit of a challenge in the kitchen, to dishes that are super easy to prepare. Plated is a true gourmet meal kit experience, and this also applies to their decadent weekly dessert selection which can include things like Black Forest Cookies and Sour Cream Doughnuts.

Other Highlights: All ingredients are delivered to you portioned. Menu options include family-friendly, gluten-free friendly, vegetarian and low-calorie selections.    

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Pineapple Upside Down Cakes by Plated