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Crispy Sesame Chicken

This Crispy Sesame Chicken is a healthy twist on a greasy fast food meal.


The big difference with the Dinnerly version is that it is full of nutritious and healthy ingredients. Like all Dinnerly meals, it was super easy to prep. It involved cooking the jasmine rice, roasting the broccoli, mixing the sauce (no cooking required – just mixing Thai sweet chili sauce with some water and sesame seeds) and finally pan-frying the chicken in a lovely and easy to make homemade batter. The result was delicious, and it went perfectly well with a cold light beer.

The quality of the ingredients we received from Dinnerly in this meal kit was excellent.

This fact is something that never ceases to surprise us because the Dinnerly prices are so affordable. Yes, the Dinnerly meal kits cost only $4.49 per serving. This sort of price is less than what this kind of meal would cost at a fast-food chain, and the quality you receive is without a doubt much better and so much healthier!

This Crispy Sesame Chicken is not only a lovely meal to serve for an easy but delicious couple’s dinner, but it is ideal for the whole family since it is a kid-friendly meal. You can also turn this meal into a more low-calorie meal by grilling or pan-roasting the chicken instead of frying it. 

  • Post published:May 21, 2020
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