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Japanese BBQ Pork Rice Bowl Dinnerly

Well, what can we say except that this Japanese style bowl from Dinnerly was a real hit with our team members!


The two things we loved most was the delicious (and pre-cooked!) pulled pork meat and the Yakiniku sauce on top. This sauce is a sweet and savory Japanese version of a BBQ sauce. To accompany the pork meat, the meal is served on a bed of fluffy rice with a side of healthy broiled green beans. 

The most surprising part of this meal is that it was super-fast to cook, only taking about 20 minutes. With a few easy steps, dinner was ready! Preparation simply involved cooking the rice, broiling the green beans, heating the pulled pork, and finishing off the dish with the amazing sauce. This Rice Bowl is a perfect meal kit for busy people (singles or couples), who are looking for a fast and easy, yet satisfying and healthy dinner. What makes Dinnerly so unique is that you can enjoy this tasty treat for the very affordable price of $4.49 per serving! It’s almost a crime not to try it!

  • Post published:May 21, 2020
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