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20 minutes

Taste ranking

Yummy! 95%
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly

This dish was a vegetarian option from the weekly Dinnerly menu selections


This Dinnerly dish was a vegetarian option from the weekly Dinnerly menu selections.

The ingredients looked super fresh and I was quite impressed at how good everything looked, especially knowing how cheap the Dinnerly meal kits are in comparison to other meal kits. The meal was quite simple to make. It included only a few ingredients which were the panini buns, spinach, red onion, roasted peppers, and cheese.

The ingredients were of such an amazing quality that you really did not need anything extra to create a delicious vegetarian dinner.

The cheesy vegetable filling was delicious, the roasted buns – yummy, and the fresh spinach salad on the side added a lovely crispy element. Overall a very nice meal!

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