Sweet ‘n’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs Everyplate

Review: Sweet ‘n’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs by EveryPlate


40 minutes

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Yummy! 95%
Sweet ‘n’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs Everyplate

Overall a truly delightful and tasty dinner, that was very easy to prepare and super enjoyable to eat.


One of my favorite flavor combinations is sweet flavors combined with a salty meat dish – and this meal didn’t disappoint as it was delicious!

The meatballs were very easy to prepare – preparation just involved combining the ground meat with soaked white bread, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I loved the trick of adding wet white bread to the meat mixture instead of breadcrumbs. It gave the meatballs a very soft yet firm texture. The cherry glaze of the meatballs, as you can imagine, was my personal favorite in this dish. It was extremely delicious and the highlight for me of this EveryPlate box. The creamy mashed potatoes and the oven grilled zucchini added a nice extra touch to the meatballs. 

When looking at what Everyplate offers, the company certainly provides some nice competition to other meal delivery services. The most notable feature of EveryPlate is how affordable it is – only $5 per serving!!!

That is before taking into consideration the great beginner’s promotion that makes EveryPlate even more attractive for young singles or couples and students. As I see it, the EveryPlate meals are classic, well-balanced and easy to make. Finally, even though they are affordable, the level of ingredients you receive in your meal kit box is second to none.

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