FirstLeaf Wine Club Review

Quick Introduction to Firstleaf wine club

Firstleaf is a wine club that offers an affordable and personalized wine club experience. Firstleaf believes in cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with wineries and vineyards. Because of this, they have an extensive portfolio of award-winning domestic and international wines available to their members at substantially reduced prices.

About Firstleaf wine club

Firstleaf is a fantastic option if you are looking for an affordable wine club experience that gives you access to an impressive selection of domestic and international wines. Due to their local and global partnerships with wineries and winemakers, they can provide their members with substantial savings on award-winning wines from both established and boutique operations. Savings from vary from 40% to 60% off normal retail prices.

The Firstleaf club:

There are two steps in the Firstleaf wine club membership experience:

  1. Introductory Shipment: Your first delivery from Firstleaf is an introductory shipment made up of 3 personally matched bottles of wines. Before your introductory shipment is selected, Firstleaf asks that you complete a short quiz. Your answers help determine your initial tasting profile and the contents of your introductory shipment. Your feedback on the wines included in your introductory shipment will then be used to update your tasting profile for subsequent deliveries. Firstleaf also offers the option of some special introductory shipments such as the ‘Award-Winning Box’, ‘Big Reds’ and ‘Founder’s Favorite.’
  2. Club Shipments: After you have received and rated the introductory shipment, you then receive your regular club shipment which contains half a dozen bottles of personally matched wines. As a member, you can opt to change any of your selections prior to shipment, and you have the option of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries.

Ideal customer:

Firstleaf is ideal for people who love enjoying wine, but who prefer doing so in a way that is affordable, simple, and enjoyable. Firstleaf also suits those who love both domestic and international wines.

firstleaf wine
Firstleaf wine box

The main reasons we love Firstleaf wine club:

  • Extensive range of award-winning wines
  • Affordable club membership and prices
  • Enjoyable introductory shipment
  • Personalized membership service
  • Flexibility to select your preferred frequency of delivery – every 1, 2 or 3 months

How Firstleaf personalizes your experience:

Your personalization process with Firstleaf begins with a short, simple quiz. Following this quiz, the Firstleaf team selects your introductory shipment of 3 bottles. You are then asked to provide feedback on this delivery, which used to update your tasting profile. This is part of an ongoing personalization process while you are a Firstleaf member. As your palate profile is continually updated following each delivery, the wines you receive are increasingly matched to your profile, which results in an enjoyable wine club experience. 

Managing your account:

Managing your account via the Firstleaf website is very easy to do, and the process is relatively simple. You establish your account by answering the very simple quiz. You can then view the recommended contents of your introductory shipment, with the option to change the wine selections or the style of this delivery. Choices include ‘Founder’s Favorite’, ‘Award-Winning Wines’ and ‘Big Reds’, to name a few. After you are happy with your initial delivery, you complete the checkout process.  Your first order will ship within 2-5 days of you establishing your account and don’t forget that you will need someone 21+ at home to receive your delivery. 

firstleaf wine club

The wines of Firstleaf wine club

Firstleaf has a team of passionate experts that are always on the lookout for emerging wine trends. They love selecting wines that are receiving recognition at wine shows and fairs.  Firstleaf works directly with the wineries and vineyards so they can provide wines that are substantially lower priced than wines available via your normal retail channels. 

The Firstleaf wine club wine list is constantly changing with new selections being added all the time. Following have been some of our favourite wine selections from Firstleaf: 

Hawthorne Grove Winery wines: Wines from Hawthorne Grove have received countless accolades including a double gold medal and multiple gold and silver medals. In 2016 they were voted Monterey County Winery of the Year.

Avistelle Pinot Gris: A beautiful white wine that has become one of the most highly rated Firstleaf wines, remaining a consistent favorite of Firstleaf members.  It was the recipient of a gold medal at the 2017 Critic’s Challenge.

Paso Del Tiempo:  This amazing wine received two incredible honors at the 2016 Harvest Challenge: Best of Class and Best Red. Another popular wine with Firstleaf wine club members and is a real stand-out when it comes to quality. 

In conclusion

Firstleaf is a wonderful wine club option for those of you who would like to enjoy award-winning wines at reasonable prices, in a format that is accessible and enjoyable. 

As a Firstleaf wine club member, you will have access to an impressive range of high-quality international and domestic wines that have been sourced by an expert team. Since Firstleaf works directly with the wineries and vineyards, simplifying the supply process, they can offer their members wines at greatly reduced prices. 

We were very impressed with the Firstleaf concept and their wine club, and we recommend giving them a try. You will not be disappointed. 

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