Freshly vs Blue Apron

When it comes to looking at meal kit and fully prepared meal delivery services, there are so many choices out there that the decision as to which company is best suited to your needs, can be quite overwhelming.

There are new companies entering the arena on a regular basis and existing companies are constantly updating their offerings. To make your choice easier, we provide regular in-depth comparisons of two different companies. Today we are going to be looking at Freshly and Blue Apron. Freshly provides the delivery of fully-prepared non-frozen gluten-free meal options and Blue Apron is one of the original meal-kit delivery companies in the States.  There are quite a few differences between the two companies, so we can’t wait to get started.


Currently, deliver to all states within the continental U.S. note that there are some ZIP codes that the Freshly delivery partners aren’t able to reach within their 48-hour delivery period.

Blue Apron delivers nationwide to the contiguous United States.

Plans offered:

The plans offered by Freshly are all based on the number of meals you would like to receive on a weekly basis.  There are four different plans that give the option of 4, 6, 9 or 12 weekly meals. It is good to know that you can also swap plans from week to week, so it is not a matter of being locked into a plan.

In comparison Blue Apron has 2 different plan options for you to choose from:

  1. The Classic Plan which is for 2 people and provides either 2 or 3 weekly dishes.  
  2. The Family Plan which is for 4 people and provides either 2 or 4 weekly dishes.
Freekeh & Vegetable “Fried Rice” by Blue Apron
Freekeh & Vegetable “Fried Rice” by Blue Apron
Freshly BUFFALO CHICKEN BREAST -compressed

Menu selection:

Freshly has a wonderfully diverse menu which changes on a weekly basis. The menu is made up of more than 30 dishes and includes both entrée and breakfast options.  As their meals are fully prepared but unfrozen, they generally take no longer than 3 minutes to heat. Choices within their weekly menu include seafood, pasta, classic dishes, omelettes, breakfast frittatas and many dishes with International flavors such as Asian and Mexican.  

Blue Apron has a choice of 12 dishes per week.  These dishes are divided between the two plans, so there are 8 dishes in the Classic Plan for two people and 4 dishes in the Family Plan for four people.  Blue Apron also offers some lovely diversity when it comes to the ingredients they use and the style of dishes they create.

The style and complexity of dishes

One of the most appealing things about the Freshly service is the convenience. As all their meals are fully-prepared, so it is simply a matter of heating them prior to serving. Overall, we were happy with the Freshly meals.  However, on the odd occasion we found the meals slightly lacking in taste and the portions a little small.

All the Blue Apron meals we have tried have been very good and satisfying.  Their focus is on providing creative and tempting dishes with a tasty twist in each recipe.

Quality of ingredients:

As Freshly is a certified gluten-free company all their ingredients are gluten-free.   Freshly prides itself on the quality of their fresh ingredients. Their meals are created using ingredients that are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, refined sugars or hydrogenated oils.  

Likewise, Blue Apron is a company that prides itself on using ingredients of the absolute highest quality.  Blue Apron uses ingredients that include meat products with no added hormones, vegetables that are farm-fresh and often organic. and seafood that is sustainably sourced.

Freshly Boxes
Freshly Boxes
Blue Apron Products
Blue Apron Box

The delivery:

There is a difference between the companies when it comes to delivery. Both companies use boxes that are specifically designed for delivering meals and include enough ice inside with the contents to keep everything at the correct temperature.

The Freshly meals are all clearly labelled and include the name of the dish, an ingredients list, cooking or heating instructions and all relevant nutritional facts.  With Freshly it is simply a matter of unpacking the delivery and storing the meals until you are ready to use them.

With Blue Apron, you will need to allocate a little time to sort the contents of your delivery before packing away. The ingredients of each dish are not separated so these will need to be sorted according to each dish, but it takes really no longer than 5 minutes. You will find a small bag of spices and seasoning that has been sorted for you.

The app and website

With both Freshly and Blue Apron, you will find that managing your account is very easy to do via their websites.   Blue Apron also has an app. for use on your devices and Freshly’s website is mobile optimized.

With both companies you will be able to register, select your plan and meals, specify any dietary preferences, update payment method, swap plans and skip weeks if necessary.  The only difference is that while you can cancel your Freshly account easily online, with Blue Apron you will need to contact the customer service department to confirm account cancellation.

In conclusion:

In general, both Freshly and Blue Apron offer appealing services that are ideal for people who lead busy lives and want a little help with simplifying their meal time. For this comparison, the winner for us is Blue Apron. Even though Freshly offers a convenient service where you only have to heat your meals which means zero preparation, we found the Blue Apron cooking processes very easy, and their meals were fresher, more satisfying and almost always the tastiest.