Benefits Of A Gluten Free Diet

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Whether you are coeliac, gluten intolerant, a follower of the latest food fads and trends or just want to eat healthier, a gluten-free diet can be an essential part of your life. Obviously, those who are diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (CD) or Gluten Ataxia (GA) do not have a choice. Being auto-immune conditions, if a sufferer of either disease did eat gluten, it could leave them suffering from undesirable and irreversible effects.

Likewise, despite the scepticism of many in the medical profession, people who are gluten intolerant or have a Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS), may also suffer from similar, debilitating and irreversible side effects as those who have Coeliac Disease. For everyone else though, a gluten-free diet, whether good or bad, is an option, rather than a necessity.

What Is A Gluten Free Diet?

A gluten-free (GF) diet, as the name suggests, is having a diet or selection of food that excludes all forms of gluten. Although, quite a popular trend these days, GF diets came about as a response to assist those who suffer from illnesses or sensitivities.

Generally speaking, gluten-free fare excludes all wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt and Kamut. Removing these items from daily eating may sound simple enough, but, in reality, it is a far more complicated affair.

Most processed foods contain wheat or wheat flour, thus, contain gluten. This, then, cannot be consumed by people not eating gluten, particularly if it is for medical reasons such as having Coeliacs Disease, Gluten Ataxia or being gluten intolerant (NCGS). There are the surprise foods, including a lot of soups, of all things, that contain gluten, sometimes in the form of wheat, but often, also in the form of barley. Gravy, another surprise item, is usually a product containing wheat or wheat flour.  
Some products even contain ingredients that are from wheat, but with processing, are in fact, gluten-free.  

These are foodstuffs with ingredients made from a cereal that contains gluten. he grain is processed in such a manner that the gluten is removed. These food products are safe for people with CD, GA and NCGS to consume, thus, rendering it unnecessary for the original cereal to be listed by the manufacturer. Examples of such items are:  

  • Glucose syrups made from wheat, barley or dextrose
  • Maltodextrins which are wheat based
  • Items such as alcohol-based spirits which are from distilled ingredients of gluten-containing cereals
  • Some gluten-free beers contain wheat where the gluten is processed and removed

Then there are items like bread, pasta or porridge which all contain gluten in one form or another. This are non-gluten versions or GF options that are available as the items contain substitute ingredients.

A big surprise a few years back was the introduction of gluten-free flour – this is a rather handy ingredient for anyone who possesses a bread making machine with an option on it, as it is not just bread that can be made in it, but some are capable of creating cakes, rice, hot dips, sauces, doughnuts, jam, biscuits, plus a huge range of desserts appetizers and drinks.

Benefits Of A Gluten Free Diet

Since a gluten-free diet is usually embraced for medical purposes, the benefits grossly outweigh the negatives. However, even those not affected by these issues, believe it will aid them in losing weight, there are also pluses to experience:

  • As gluten-free food generally has no wheat or certain other cereals. There is less chance that it will be contaminated with pesticides.
  • There is also less chance that the food has been genetically modified.
  • Now available at most major supermarkets.
  • Can be bought online.
  • More choice available now than ever before.
  • Some items are available free of charge on prescription in the UK for sufferers of CD and GA.

Cons Of A Gluten Free Diet

Nowadays, a gluten-free diet is classed as an acceptable and even healthier option. However, there are some cons to the diet, including:

  • Higher salt intake – unnecessary if just consuming GF products as part of a trend or may not the healthy option after all.
  • A lot of products do not taste the same as versions containing gluten – e.g. pizzas, bread and bourbon biscuits are prime examples.
  • Again the product texture is entirely different in certain foods such as bread, pizza, etc.
  • Products are extortionately expensive.
  • Not always readily available.
  • Often not sold in small supermarket stores because of low demand.
  • Nothing free on prescription in the UK to sufferers of NCGS.

When a GF diet has been habitually eaten over a long period of time, the body no longer tolerates gluten. This is applicable even if it was just eaten as a fad or to be healthier (as opposed to being for medical reasons) in the first place.

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How Can A Meal Kit Service Help You Get On Track With A Gluten Free Diet?

Due to the fact that the labelling is often confusing plus constantly having to read the ingredients on products in the shops can be both frustrating and time-consuming

It is very trying finding food items that allow you to stick to a gluten-free lifestyle diet. With items sometimes hard to come by or not being fresh, it would be ideal to have a meal kit delivered straight to your door.

Many meal kit services understand the need and developed plans and menu items to that are both fresh and designed for the gluten-free lifestyle diet. Those will allowing you to prepare healthy homemade meals without the worry of gluten contamination.

Meal kits also come with cooking suggestions, and, with everything required to cook the meal in one box, including a selection of refrigerated and fresh ingredients, you wouldn’t have to worry about running to the shops for anything – meat, veg, sauce, fruit, everything would be included! This would also be ideal for when having friends over or for the whole family gluten-free or not to enjoy the best of a gluten-free diet.

Best Meal Kit Services For A Gluten Free Diet

As it can be difficult to adhere to a gluten-free diet due to all its nuances, meal kits afford you the option of creating quality food at reasonable prices. Alas, it may still be challenging to know what to pick and choose, especially at first. However, there is no need to worry as the meal kit review service have taken this into consideration and trawled through many of the meal kit services available. We have tasted, tested and scored them on various points including price. Through their hard work and dedication, they have made it easier for anybody wanting to try a gluten-free diet or anyone suffering from gluten intolerance. It also benefits those with Coeliac Disease who try to find nutritious meals at a reasonable price by using their meal kit review services to choose the best gluten free meal kit.

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