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Lunch Box by Gobble

What can we say? Fancy lunch with minimum preparations!


When it comes to meal kits, Gobble leads the way in innovation! One of their new services is the Gobble Lunch Box option. The Lunch Box option is available as a separate subscription to the regular Gobble subscription.

The Lunch Box option includes the base of 3 types of protein and 3 types of vegetable per week. You then have the option to add grains and starches. The idea is for you to make the meals on the weekend, then divide them into lunch boxes for use during the week.  

We had the pleasure of testing the service. Our Lunch Box option was a portion of sirloin flap steak with sides of baby Yukon gold potatoes and maple-glazed rainbow carrots with dried cherries and walnuts. 

The quality of the steak was excellent, and the portion sizes were very generous. This Lunch Box had enough for two tasty and fulfilling lunches. We have to say that the steak stayed soft and tender when heating via the microwave two days after cooking. Both the sides were delicious, and we must praise Gobble for the quality ingredients they use. The potatoes and rainbow carrots were beautiful and super fresh!

Overall, we would say that Gobble offers a great Lunch Box subscription option, that will make sure you eat healthy, balanced and delicious lunches throughout the week.

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