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Paneer & Cauliflower Tikka Masala

I really enjoy Indian food and love the flavors of paneer cheese and masala.


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I was a little unsure as to how good pre-cooked rice would be but was surprised that after heating, it was fluffy and tasty. The cauliflower that was provided was lovely and fresh. There were so many beautiful flavors with the dish which included a Tikka Masala spice blend and a traditional Indian sofrito.  

Again, this dish was extremely easy and quick to make. I browned the paneer with the cauliflower on hot pan for a few minutes while the naan bread was toasting in the oven. It was then only a matter of mixing the cauliflower with the Tikka Masala spice blend and the Indian sofrito for another three minutes.

The dish was finished off beautifully by adding some yoghurt which created a delicious creamy sauce. The final thing to do was heat the rice in the microwave for two minutes. I don’t often cook Indian food, so this was a treat and very enjoyable. The only thing that I would make note of is that the calorie count for each serving was quite high – about 1050 calories.  Something to be aware of if you are watching your weight.

Paneer & Cauliflower Tikka Masala
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