Prawn Linguine by Gobble

Prawn Linguine by Gobble


16 minutes

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Perfect! 100%
Prawn Linguine by Gobble

This dish was such a delight to eat – what a lovely summery meal.


It was so good that I simply could not fault it, so I would have to say it was perfect!  Undoubtedly the highlight of this meal, which added so much flavor and fragrance was the inclusion of preserved lemons.  Preserved lemons are traditionally used in Moroccan cuisine and are made from whole lemons sitting in brine, their juice, salt and spices for up to a month.  Along with the lovely fresh shrimp, they were a match made in heaven. The remaining ingredients in this dish were also of a wonderful quality. The linguini pasta was fresh and hand-made, and the sun-dried tomatoes and sweet peas added additional layers of flavor.  The sauce was finished off beautifully with parsley, a garlic and shallot confit, butter and white wine.

All these ingredients combined beautifully to create a dish that was light but satisfying and filled with delicious flavors. Part of the Gobble experience is ensuring that all your meals are easy to prepare, and this dish was no exception. While the pasta was cooking, the shrimp and the sauce took only a few minutes in the pan. The last thing to do was mix the sauce and the shrimp with the pasta.


Prawn Linguine by Gobble

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