It is fascinating to watch how the meal kit industry is constantly evolving and always adapting to the latest dietary trends.  

Today we are comparing two companies who are very good at keeping up with the times by offering services that are suitable for many needs.  These two companies are Gobble and Blue Apron. Both companies provide a comprehensive meal kit service, but there are some notable differences between the two. So let’s get started with this comparison and see what they both have to offer.  

Gobble Vs. Blue Apron: Variety of Plan

There are two plan options offered by Blue Apron which are the Classic Plan and the Family Plan.  

  • The Classic Plan is for 2 people and provides either 2 or 3 dishes per week.
  • The Family Plan is for 4 people and provides 2 to 4 dishes per week.

Gobble also offers two different plan options which are the 2-person plan and the 4-person plan.

  • The 2-person plan provides 6 meals every week.  These 6 meals are made up of 3 different dishes that are designed for 2 people to enjoy.
  • The four-person plan provides 12 meals every week.  These 12 dishes are made up of 3 different meals that are designed for four people to enjoy.

Variety of dishes

When looking at variety, Gobble has a very diverse selection of meals,  offering an impressive 12 dishes on a weekly basis. Their menus are organized into four different sections which are ‘From the Range’, ‘From the Ranch’, ‘From the Sea’ and ‘From the Earth’.  These categorizations are based on the different protein sources available, so it is very easy to know which meals contain poultry, meat, fish and seafood and which ones are plant-based. You can choose meals from across all the categories and Gobble also includes recipes that are child-friendly, dairy-free, low-carb and gluten-free.  

In comparison, with Blue Apron you can select from 8 dishes per week in the 2-person plan or 4 dishes per week in the Family Plan.

Freekeh & Vegetable “Fried Rice” by Blue Apron
Freekeh & Vegetable “Fried Rice” by Blue Apron
Scallops meal by Gobble

Style and complexity of dishes

We are very happy to report that all the dishes we have tried from both Blue Apron and Gobble were absolutely delicious.  Blue Apron is focussed on providing creative and tasty dishes, with a twist in each recipe.

Gobble offer delicious, creative high-end recipes. The company focussed on ease of preparation, and they make the impressive promise that all of their meals take only 15 minutes to cook!  Due to this promise, all ingredients are portioned, peeled, chopped and marinated. This is to ensure that your cooking experience with Gobble will be as easy and simple as possible.

Quality of products

Our experiences with both Gobble and Blue Apron have shown that the quality of the ingredients used by both companies is second to none.  Blue Apron promises that all of their meat products have no added hormones, all vegetables are farm-fresh and where possible organic, and all seafood is sustainably sourced.  

Gobble also pays great attention to where their ingredients come from and they use a similar network of quality purveyors and farmers as used by first-class restaurants. Gobble is a little different to many meal kit companies in that they send many of their ingredients partly cooked or completely prepared and vacuum packed.  This method of par cooking and packaging is done to preserve the freshness, taste, and quality of all ingredients.

Blue Apron products
Gobble Products

Blue Apron and Gobble’s Box

The deliveries from both companies arrive in specially designed and labeled boxes.  To guarantee that the ingredients stay cool and fresh, both companies also pack their proteins at the bottom of the box, surrounded by an ample amount of ice. There is one really notable difference between the two companies when it comes to the delivery. That is how the ingredients of each are packed and sorted.   

With Gobble most ingredients of each meal are prepared, portioned and individually packed, so there is minimum sorting required. You simply need a few minutes to store the meal kits away until you are ready to use them.

Blue Apron, on the other hand, does not sort their ingredients and they are all loosely packed in the box.  As the ingredients of each individual dish have not been separated, you will need to sort and pack away the ingredients of each meal kit you have ordered.  The only thing that is sorted is a small bag of spices and seasoning.

The app and website

Blue Apron has an appealing, well organized and easy to use websites and app.  Everything that you need to do to manage your account including registration, meal, and plan selection, specifying eating preferences, confirming payment method, etc can be completed online in a very easy and user-friendly way.

Although Gobble does not offer an app, their website is mobile optimized and you will find that you can also complete everything you need to do, to manage and monitor your account online.  

Plan terms

Both companies require you to subscribe to use their service, but they are both very flexible in providing the option of skipping weeks if necessary or putting your account on hold. To cancel your Blue Apron account you will need to contact the customer support department of Blue Apron directly, with Gobble you can cancel your account online.

Bottom line:

In general, both of these companies offer a very attractive and affordable meal kit delivery services.

If we had to choose one meal kit service over the other, our vote would be for Gobble. 


  • Dinner on the table in 15 minutes
  • No commitment
  • Gluten free, dairy free, low carb, & vegetarian options available.