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45 minutes

Taste ranking

Yummy! 95%

This dish was delicious, and I absolutely loved it


My Honest Review:

This dish was delicious, and I absolutely loved it. It tasted both healthy and tasty. The meatloaf was great, being both moist and tender. The quinoa and beans ensured that the dish was full of nourishing proteins and there was a very appealing earthy taste from the mushrooms. Also the parsnip was so wonderful! It was my first-time tasting parsnip and what can I say – I fell in love! They were just so good! The dish was designed to be served with a large lettuce salad on the side. We found this addition to be very appealing. The lettuce and the  vegetables were fresh and crunchy and provided a lovely contrast to the meatloaf. I do find it  a bit strange that Green Chef can on occasion, send only half a pepper or a quarter of a red onion. Despite this, it was a lovely and generous salad.

The major negative about this dish from Green Chef’s Gluten Free menu is that it has quite a lengthy cooking time.  The dish took 45 minutes in total to prepare and it involved many different steps. Due to this fairly involved process, at the end of it all, there was a large number of dirty dishes that needed to be cleaned.   

This is  a dish that I would recommend trying, but not something I would cook during the week after a hectic work day. Perhaps save it for a weekend treat!

  • Post published:March 7, 2018
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