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We write our honest review on each company or product, however, we receive a sales commission or other compensation on the products we review. That helps us to support this website. Prices can vary due to changes in promotions or policies. See our full disclosures here.

GreenBlender offers customers farm-fresh organic ingredients for a range of Superfood Smoothies that are delivered weekly.

Pricing:  $49.90 for five double serving smoothie blends (Updated to May 2018)

GreenBlender offers customers farm-fresh organic ingredients for a range of Superfood Smoothies that are delivered weekly.

Quick Introduction to Company:

GreenBlender is a company that believes everyone deserves to be healthy and happy! Their philosophy is that the easiest and freshest way to achieve this is by drinking a Superfood smoothie every morning! Or as they put it – “it is as simple as chop, blend, and drink!”

GreenBlender is suitable for everyone – whether you are already a smoothie addict or just someone who has never even considered blending fruits and vegetables before. If you want to create healthier life habits, then GreenBlender are there to help you change your life for the better!

What’s in the GreenBlend box?

Becoming healthier is now so much easier with GreenBlender. Inside each box you will find:

  • Incredibly delicious recipes – five easy to follow recipes that come with clear nutritional information along with the health benefits of each smoothie. These health benefits can include immune boosting, glow, low calories etc. Each portion yields two 12oz servings.
  • Farm-fresh organic ingredients – with GreenBlender every product is guaranteed to be fresh and seasonal, and all ingredients are sourced from trusted local farms.
  • Superfoods – GreenBlender smoothies are rich with high volume superfoods like chia, matcha, maqui, camu camu, reishi mushrooms, raw cacao, rosehips, pea protein and so much more.
  • Convenience at its best – convenient smoothie kits that are easy to fit in every fridge and ready to make in just few minutes.

The Plans

GreenBlender offers a two-person plan  which includes five smoothie blends per week (that is a total of  ten 12oz servings)

Weekly Recipes Available

GreenBlender offers a list of 11 smoothies every week for you to choose from, including fruit and vegetables-based smoothies along with some super creative Superfood cereal smoothies. A few examples just to get your taste buds going – Coconut Carrot Cake, Pineapple Energy Shake, Cranberry Crunch Superfood Cereal and so much more!


The weekly plan costs $49.90 for five double serving smoothie blends, which works out to be $4.99 per serving).

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