Barbecue pork meatloaves

Review: Barbecue Pork Meatloaves By Hello Fresh


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Barbecue pork meatloaves

These pineapple upside down cakes from Plated were simple and delicious


This dish was so amazing that we graded it 100% – the equivalent to ten out of ten!!!  The use of flavors in this dish was incredible and so creative. It was a first for me. There was barbecue seasoning used to make the meatloaves and they were also brushed with a yummy barbeque sauce before we put them in the oven.  This flavor combination was just so good!!!!

Hello Fresh prides itself on creating meal kits that use classic and not too intimidating recipes, but they always include some sort of surprising twist. One of the reasons we love this company.  

This dish was such a treat to eat but also quite easy to prepare.   It was just a matter of preparing and seasoning the sweet potatoes, putting the meatloaves together and then baking them!  The final thing to do was make the lovely fresh slaw. It really was the perfect dish!

Barbecue pork meatloaves

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