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23 minutes

Taste ranking

Beef Bulgogi Bowl by Hello Fresh

This dish was so good it made us go absolutely nuts!


The Beef Bulgogi Bowl is part of the Hello Fresh hall of fame, and for good reason! Another great success from the Hello Fresh culinary team.

The combination of flavors in this bowl was just perfect. The beef had a lovely sweetness that came from the bulgogi sauce which worked well with the naturally sweet, lightly cooked carrots.  The pickled cucumbers were just amazing, they were fresh and easy to make and gave the dish a lovely sour edge.

What gave this dish the final kick was the sour cream and sriracha sauce dressing. We loved it. This dish was devoured in seconds with nothing but clean plates to show for it!

We also must mention that it was very easy to cook. The dish was ready to serve and eat within 23 minutes, so it offers a perfect solution for an easy, but delicious mid-week dinner at home. Finally, the quality of the products we received from Hello Fresh, like always, was second to none!

  • Post published:December 12, 2018
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