One-Pan Beef & Charred Pepper Tacos

Review: One-Pan Beef Pepper Tacos by Hello Fresh

We love taco meal kits, so we were excited to try this one, and it came out great. It was a hit across the table! A tasty meal that we all loved. 

For us, what gave this meal the extra kick was both the smoky red pepper crema sauce and the mango salsa. A great combination of sweet and smoked flavors!

HelloFresh meal kits, and especially the “one-pan” taco recipes, are mostly simple to cook by design. It is a great meal option for a light prep weekday family dinner.

The most technical skill you will need to assemble this meal is some basic veggies chopping, working with a frying pan, and mixing few ingredients for the topping crema. 

The color-printed recipe card that accompanied the ingredients of this meal kit was neat, organized, and very clear to understand, and the meal took only about 20 minutes to cook from A to Z. 

The result, as mentioned – was absolutely delicious!

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