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Chicken pineapple quesadillas

An absolute treat for a busy working mom like me!


We loved this quesadilla dish from Hello Fresh. As per usual we were really impressed with the quality of the ingredients that Hello Fresh uses in their meal kits. We could not fault any of the ingredients. The chicken was incredibly tender, the vegetables were farm fresh and the flour tortillas were quite simply, the best I have ever tasted!  They were soft and delicious but sturdy enough to create the perfect Quesadillas.

I generally steer clear of sweet flavors in my savoury food, so I was surprised that I loved the delicate addition of pineapple in this dish.  It combined perfectly with the southwest spice blend. A final detail about this delicious dish is that the size of the portions was huge! I had the leftovers for lunch the next day. An absolute treat for a busy working mom like me!

Chicken pineapple quesadillas

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  • Post published:July 2, 2018
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