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29 minutes

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Chicken creamy dill HelloFrersh

This meal had only 440 calories per serving!!!  


Sometimes what makes a great dinner special is the finishing touches. In this case, the  creamy dill sauce made this dish perfect! The roasted potatoes and asparagus that accompanied the chicken were also delicious, and they paired beautifully with the dill sauce.

This dish was also very easy to cook by following the recipe page that Hello Fresh includes with every meal. All we had to do was roast the potatoes and asparagus in a hot oven and cook the chicken. Finally, we made the yummy creamy dill sauce using sour cream, chicken stock concentrate, mustard and of course chopped dill. The whole dish took just under 30 minutes to prepare!

This Creamy Dill Chicken meal is a true win-win for another reason. It is one of the new calorie-smart options that have been added to the Hello Fresh weekly menu. A calorie-smart meal is a meal that is healthy, well-balanced and has a low calorie count of around 600 or less calories per serving. This meal had only 440 calories per serving!!!  

So, we enjoyed a delicious dinner while knowing that it was good for our waistlines as well.

  • Post published:April 20, 2019
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