Tropical Fish Tacos by HelloFresh

Tropical Fish Tacos by HelloFresh

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20 minutes

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Yummy! 87%
Tropical Fish Tacos by HelloFresh

This was a simple and delightful dish and perfect for an easy-going dinner! I absolutely loved the mango slaw!


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The Cooking Process:

Step One

Preparing the Ingredients:  I started preparations by peeling the mango, removing the flesh from the pit and cutting it into thin matchsticks. I also halved the lime. That’s it – as easy as that – everything else was ready to go!

Step Two

Making the slaw: I placed the mango, cabbage, and a squeeze of lime juice in a medium bowl and seasoned with salt and pepper. Please note that I also added some olive oil even though it wasn’t in the original recipe. I tossed all of this to combine and then set aside.

Step Three
fish cooking

Cooking the fish: Firstly, I set aside ½ tsp of the Southwesters spice in a small bowl. Then I seasoned the tilapia with salt, pepper, and the remaining Southwestern spice and some olive oil, making sure that I rubbed it into all the flesh of the fish. I cooked the fish in the stove for 12 minutes at a 425F heat which was not what was suggested in the original recipe. To be honest, I simply prefer it cooked in the stove, even if it takes few more minutes. It also means that there are less fishy odors in your kitchen!

Step Four

Making the crema: While the fish was cooking, I added the sour cream and a pinch of chipotle powder to the bowl with the reserved Southwestern seasoning and seasoned with salt and pepper. I stirred in water, 1 teaspoon at a time, until the mixture was drizzly and of a good consistency.  

Step Five
Tropical Fish Tacos by HelloFresh

Plating and serving: I wrapped the tortillas in a paper towel and then warmed them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Once warm, I placed 2 tortillas on each plate. I then broke up the tilapia into bite-sized pieces and divided between the tortillas. To finish the dish I topped with slaw, drizzled with crema and garnished with some whole cilantro leaves. Bon appétit!

Tropical Fish Tacos by HelloFresh

On a Personal Note:

This was very easy to make, perfect for a beginner, and was such a lovely taco dinner. The mango went well with the southwestern spice that was used to season the fish. The crema added to the overall flavor and was a surprising yet delicious combination! I am not a big fan of tilapia but the one provided by HelloFresh was soft, moist and delicate and the fishy taste was not too strong at all!

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