Hello Fresh Vs. EveryPlate

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Meal kit services offer you a convenient and delicious way of getting dinner to the table with a minimum fuss.

Meal kits will help you avoid meal planning and grocery shopping and are designed to save you the heavy meal preparation process!

The only problem is that there are so many options available that it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are new to the world of meal delivery service. This is why we created the Meal Kit Review.

Two companies you probably came across in your research of meal kit delivery services are Hello Fresh and Every Plate. These two companies are top-rated, but are they worth it? 

Hello Fresh first started in Germany and has been established in the States for many years now. Everyplate is, in fact, a daughter company of Hello Fresh, focused on low-cost meal kit offerings.

Every Plate and Hello Fresh are quite different, so let’s get started with our full comparison and see which is better for your needs.

Hello fresh Review
EveryPlate review

Hello Fresh and EveryPlate Meal Plans:

Both Hello Fresh and EveryPlate offer only subscription service, with no option for a one-time purchase.

Hello Fresh offers six different meal plan options – Classic meat and veggie meal plan, Family-friendly meal plan, 100% Vegetarian meal Plan, Calories-smart meal plan, Pescatarian meal plan (veggie meals plus seafood meals), and quick and easy meal plan, with fuss-free meals.

Each of the Hello Fresh plans can cater to two or four people, with two to five dishes per week.

EveryPlate offers two plans:

  • The two-person box caters to two people with three dishes per week.
  • The family box caters to four people with three dishes per week.

Meal Variety:

Hello Fresh offers a fantastic amount of 21 weekly recipes per week. Their menu selection includes great favorite meals, categorized as family-friendly, low-calorie, low-carb, vegetarian, gourmet, and Light Prep.

EveryPlate offers its customers a satisfactory amount of variety with 13 weekly recipes. As an EveryPlate customer, you also have the option to upgrade to a premium meal for an additional $2.99 per serving.

Since the Every Plate focuses on keeping prices low, they do not cater to special diets such as keto, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, low carb, or vegan. Their recipes are well suited to regular diets.

Recommended Meals From The Menu:

Our tasting experience with Both EveryPlate and Hello Fresh was very pleasing. The meals were always good.

Some noteworthy meals to try from Hello Fresh:

  • Bellissimo bruschetta burgers with herby potato Wedges & roasted asparagus
  • Honey salmon with potato wedges & zesty green beans
  • Cheesy buffalo chicken tacos with Creamy Ranch Slaw

Some fantastic meals to try from EveryPlate:

  • Popk and poblano tacos 
  • Chicken in a lemon garlic cream with roasted zucchini and potatoes
  • Roasted bell pepper flatbreads 

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Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Steak Frites by EveryPlate
Steak Frites by EveryPlate

Style and Complexity of Dishes:

Hello Fresh tend to offer quite classic meals with well-known tastes and cooking techniques. The meal kits of Hello Fresh are relatively easy to prepare, so dinner is never a chore, though there are always slightly more sophisticated options if you prefer.

As EveryPlate is focused on the bottom line, they provide fewer ingredients, and meals are straightforward. You will find many classic style recipes that do not use too many utensils or complicated cooking processes.

Both companies make an effort to make the weekly menu divers, with many culinary styles. You will be able to find light Mexican style meals, some Italian classics, Asian style meals like stir-fry or noodles, and more.

Quality of ingredients:

The Hello Fresh ingredients in their meal kits are carefully picked and always of the highest quality. Their meats and seafood are primarily domestically sourced and responsibly raised without any added hormones. From looking at their menu, you will note that Hello Fresh is focused on assisting customers in increasing their fresh vegetable intake and creating a healthier lifestyle.

As the prices of EveryPlate are relatively low, we did not have high expectations during our EveryPlate testing experience. However, we were happily surprised to see that the quality of the ingredients they send is very good. Everything seemed to be of excellent quality, especially the veggies that looked super fresh.

The Delivery Box:

The delivery from Hello Fresh arrives with all your ingredients sorted and labeled per each meal kit, which means no sorting is required during the unpacking process. Inside the box, you will also find full-color recipe cards for each meal.

As EveryPlate is focused on kiping costs and pricing low, the ingredients are not packed sorted per meal, so you will need to sort these while unpacking. It only takes a minute and saves a lot of packaging costs.

With both delivery boxes, the proteins are located at the bottom of the box with ice packed to keep it cool during delivery, and even stay out of the fridge a bit after delivery if you are not home to accept it.

Managing Your Account:

Both Hello Fresh and EveryPlate have websites and app that makes managing your account incredibly easy to do.

Signing up for your account is very easy to do online. Once you have signed up, you can manage all your account elements, including meal selection, dietary preferences, seeing future orders, and stipulating payment preferences. You can also very easily skip weeks when needed and pause your account on the spot, with no need to contact the customer service.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin by Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh Box Review
EveryPlate Unbox
EveryPlate Unbox

So, Who’s Our Winner – EveryPlate or Hello Fresh??

We enjoyed the tasting experiences with both Hello Fresh and EveryPlate. We did feel that they were suited to different audiences, especially in terms of cost and the style of meals. After looking at all criteria, our vote goes to Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh offers a reacher variety in their weekly meals, and they include a better number of ingredients. We felt that the style of dishes was more appealing for tempting dining options.

When considering the price per meal and shipping costs, Hello Fresh does come out as more expensive than Every Plate – But we felt that this extra cost was well worth it when looking at the meals you end up eating!


  • Recipes are Yummy! Best classic home cooking!
  • Ready in 30-minut, using simple techniques
  • It’s best value for money
  • Usually the portions are very generous