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In This Hello Fresh Vs. Gobble Comparison:

Meal kits take the inconvenience and frustration out of making a delicious meal. Whether you’re looking for a meal kit service for one or a family of five, our goal at The Meal Kit Review is to find the perfect meal kit service to meet all your culinary and nutritional needs.

Our review of two top-rated meal kit services, Hello Fresh and Gobble, will help you decide which meal kit is best suited for you, and perhaps your family as well. Let’s take a closer look at how they compare.

Hello Fresh Vs. Gobble- Variety of Plan

Hello Fresh offers three different plans:

  1. Classic Plan provides three to four dishes each week for two or four people
  2. Family Plan offers two to three meals each week for four people
  3. Veggie Plan offers a choice of three recipes each week and is ideal for two or four people

Gobble offers two dinner plans as well as a monthly Lunch Box plan:

  1. Two-person dinner plan with six meals each week (three dishes portioned for two)
  2. Four-person dinner plan with 12 meals each week (three dishes portioned for four)

The Lunch Box plan includes three “grab-and-go” lunch meal recipes which can be made in under two minutes.

Hello Fresh box
Gobble Review

Hello Fresh Vs. Gobble- Delivery Areas

Hello Fresh currently delivers to the continental United States, but according to the company, they don’t deliver to Alaska or Hawaii. Hello Fresh says that they are working on ways to improve their delivery system and may feature expanded delivery options soon.

Gobble is expanding rapidly, and their goal is to serve as many families as possible across the U.S. The company currently delivers to many states across the continental United States.

Hello Fresh Vs. Gobble- Variety of Dishes

Hello Fresh offers a total of 17 recipes to choose from each week, which are divided by their different plans. If you select the Classic Plan, you can choose from any of 17 recipes.

The Family Plan offers a variety of nine recipes, and the Veggie Plan consists of three recipes per week. The recipes on Hello Fresh change weekly, so you always have the option of variety.

Gobble offers 24 recipes that change weekly and are divided into categories based on the protein source of the dish. There are six dishes in each category.

“From the Range” features chicken, “From the Ranch” features meat, “From the Sea” features fish and seafood, and “From the Earth” are vegetarian meals.

Whether you are interested in trying out plant-based dishes or want diversity in your meal plans, both meal kit companies offer plenty of options with a large assortment of ingredients.

Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Prawn Linguine by Gobble
Prawn Linguine by Gobble

Hello Fresh Vs. Gobble- Style and Complexity of Dishes

Not only should a meal kit be easy to prepare, but it’s also essential that the food is delicious.

After tasting a variety of dishes from Hello Fresh and Gobble, we can assure you that everything we tasted is delicious and full of flavor.

Hello Fresh puts a spin on classic “comfort” meals. The dishes are flavorful without being too complex or overwhelming for someone who likes to stick with recipes or tastes they already know. Hello Fresh also wants to keep meal preparation simple, straightforward, and around 30 minutes from kit to table.

Gobble offers more of a global cuisine menu and provides a few more options for people who are focused on a specific protein (such as chicken or seafood). All of Gobble’s recipes are designed to be prepared and ready to eat in about fifteen minutes.

Hello Fresh Vs. Gobble- Quality of Products

Both Hello Fresh and Gobble provide customers with high-quality products. Hello Fresh uses meat that is sourced domestically and antibiotic and hormone free poultry. The pork is also hormone free, and the seafood is sustainably sourced.

Some vegetables may not be organic, but they clearly state whether or not produce is organic. Hello Fresh wants to provide customers with as much fresh produce as possible.

Gobble’s ingredients are local and farm-fresh, which means the ingredients you receive are some of the same that are used in the best restaurants across the country. Most of the ingredients are prepared and sealed to preserve quality and freshness.

Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Gobble Products

Hello Fresh and Gobble Box

Both companies send the meal kit in a box with a bright and eye-catching logo. One of the great things about both of the companies is that they sort the meal kits for you. There is also a sufficient amount of ice in each box to keep your ingredients at a safe temperature for up to a few hours.

Gobble prepares and portions your ingredients, so they’re ready to go when you are ready to cook. Hello Fresh organizes and labels all the ingredients, so all you need to do is store them and open the packaging when you’re ready.

The companies each take the guesswork out of portioning or trying to identify ingredients.

Hello Fresh and Gobble’s App and Website

Gobble and Hello Fresh makes registering, ordering, changing meal plans, and even specifying your food preferences a simple process. With Hello Fresh, there’s no need to call and order your meals; everything can be completed with an app or on the company site.

Gobble does not have an app, but everything you need is available on the mobile-optimized website.

You also have access to future menus, ingredients, nutritional information, and even past recipes on both company sites.

Hello Fresh and Gobble’s Plan Terms

Both meal kit companies are flexible in the sense that you can skip a week or two and even swap a recipe if you want. If you decide to cancel your subscription with either company, you can go online and cancel without waiting for a customer service representative to help you.

Both companies encourage you to order what you want, when you want it, and not feel pressured or inconvenienced.

Hello Fresh and Gobble’s Add-On’s

If you’re looking for little “extras” like desserts or even wine to complete your meal, both meal kit companies have you covered. Hello Fresh has a nice wine selection that pairs nicely with any of your meals and Gobble offers add-ons like cookie dough, margarita mix, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Bottom Line

Both Hello Fresh and Gobble provide a wide variety of recipes with high-quality ingredients to elevate any dinner. Hello Fresh, our personal favorite, caters to people who want easy and delicious meals with a taste that’s familiar to some of their favorite meals.

Gobble is best-suited for people who like to explore a more global cuisine or have a specific protein preference, such as fish or poultry, or want more plant-based options.

Hello Fresh wins our vote because our taste testing team enjoyed the flavors of all the Hello Fresh dishes the most.

We also appreciate that Hello Fresh makes preparing every meal quick, easy, and affordable for people who may not otherwise spend time in the kitchen.


  • Meals are Yummy every time!
  • The best variety of classic home cooking with a chef's touch!
  • Many easy cooking process meal options
  • Healthy eating made easy
  • Best value for money
  • Portions are very generous