Using Home Chef is So Flexible

Here’s why I fell in love with Home Chef


There are so many reasons to love meal kits– the comfort of saving time on grocery shopping, exploring new flavors, eating chef-designed meals, and more. but not all meal kits offer enough flexibility to match your needs!  Because every night is different in my house–with guests, varying schedules, and time crunches–I needed the right kind of meal kit service to fit my changing demands.

Guess what?! I found it! Home Chef can do all of this–AND MORE!  Just wait until you hear about how they have taken customization up a notch.

To start with, Home Chef is super flexible in every possible way.  First, you can pick your servings for every recipe that you choose.  On Mondays, we always have my in-laws over for dinner. So, I can order 4 servings for Monday nights and on the other nights just have two for my husband and I.  Second, you can choose the type of meal that you want–and there are lots of choices, including Oven Ready, Entree Salads, Express-Ready in 15 meals, and traditional 30-minute meal kits.  Third, they have meals for all sorts of dietary preferences, like vegetarian, pescatarian, carb-conscious or calorie-conscious. Finally, you can choose the delivery day and change it up from week to week, based on your personal schedule.

But, it is the Customize It option that really takes Home Chef to the next level when it comes to flexibility – On almost all of the Home Chef meal choices, you can swap, double up or upgrade the proteins.  Some of these come with a fee, but for me it is always worth it. For example, I especially love mahi-mahi and enjoy swapping out tilapia for a more premium fish–it is definitely worth it! It also allows me to turn meaty meals into vegetarian ones or turn a pork meal into a low-fat chicken breast meal.

In short words – I love Home Chef because it is a meal kit company that works for ME!  You simply have to check it out!!

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