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30 minutes

Taste ranking

Perfect! 95%

I love all Mexican food in general, and I especially love Burritos.

My Honest Review:

Mexican food is usually quite easy and quick to make and it is always tasty I also try very hard to have at least one or two vegan or vegetarian evening meals every week, so when I saw this on the menu, I knew that it sounded perfect. Personally, I believe that Home Chef offers some of the best classic meal choices.  You can never go wrong with this type of classic and comforting dish after a long day! To be honest, it even went above my expectations! The seasoning of the vegetable mix was just perfect and the corn tortilla was so soft but sturdy enough for the filling.  It was of an amazing quality.

I was somewhat disappointed when I opened the bag and discovered that Home Chef had forgotten to include the black beans. Luckily enough, I had a can of black beans at home so I could still go ahead with my dinner plans. That situation can occasionally happen with all meal kit companies but Home Chef was very helpful. I contacted their support and got an answer within a few hours. They were very apologetic and credited my account to the value of $10 due to this mistake.

As an extra note, in the last few weeks my husband has been trying to go gluten-free, so for him instead of making a burrito I served the yummy vegetable mixture (it really was very good!) with plain white rice, some avocado , sour cream on the side and cheese on top – and it was also a perfect meal! 

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  • Post published:April 2, 2018
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