Review: French Onion Mushroom Quesadilla by Home Chef

Review: French Onion Mushroom Quesadilla by Home Chef


30 minutes

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Review: French Onion Mushroom Quesadilla by Home Chef

French Onion Mushroom Quesadilla had an amazing sour creme sauce. Yum!


Delicious, juicy quesadillas are one of our favorite menu choices for a hot summer’s evening by Home Chef meal kits, and this veggie quesadilla recipe was a definite hit! First, it was easy to make and quick to cook. It took us less than 30 minutes all up, following the very easy recipe page. We started by cooking the veggie filling (mushrooms, onions, and spinach) and making the very yummy sour cream and chive sauce. Then we assembled the quesadillas and cooked them for a few short minutes in a hot pan with a touch of olive oil.

That’s it. Dinner was served! So simple and so tasty!

For us, what really made this dish special was the amazing sauce, made with sour cream, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, and chives. We will make this again! Easy and delicious.

Lastly, we must mention a cool feature that is unique to Home Chef, and that was available for this recipe – the “customize it” option. This option gives you the opportunity to change or add an additional protein. Your choices include – antibiotic-free ground beef, Italian pork sausage or skinless chicken breast.

The ‘customize it’ option gives the Home Chef meals another level of flexibility to suit every person’s needs.

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