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25 minutes

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Yummy! 97%
Hawaii shrimps Home Chef

The combination of sweet pineapple, vinegar rice, and the spicy edge of red chili pepper flakes was pure joy for our taste buds.


There are several reasons why you should order this meal from the Home Chef menu

First, it’s yummy!  The perfectly balanced blend of sweet-sour-spicy.

Second, preparing this recipe is as easy as it gets. The Hawaiian-style shrimp dish is part of the Fresh&Easy Home Chef collection and is an oven-ready meal, so the pre-portioned ingredients come in an oven-safe tray. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and cook in the oven for about 20 minutes. With that kind of meal prep, you can enjoy a delicious meal with no complicated cooking and no cleanup after! 

Third, it is a very healthy and l. Shrimps, in general, are a great source of lean protein. The dish contains only 441 calories per serving, so it’s a win-win! A delicious and joyful meal without the guilt.

Even though we enjoyed the original shrimp version, it is good to know that Home Chef offers the “Customize it” option for this meal. With this feature, you can swap the protein of the meal to boneless skinless chicken breast or a double shrimps portion.

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