Japanese Sirloin Steak Home chef

Japanese Sirloin Steak by Home Chef


30 minutes

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Perfect! 100%
Japanese Sirloin Steak Home chef

This dish was so good! Really, everything about it was perfect!


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The Cooking Process:

Step One
Rice cooking

Cooking the Rice: In a small pot I put the rice into salted water and brought this to a boil.  I then reduced it to a simmer, covered and cooked until tender for 18 minutes. Once ready I fluffed the rice with a fork, and kept it covered.

Step Two

Preparing the Ingredients:  While the rice was cooking, I prepared the ingredients. Preparations were easy. I simply peeled and sliced the carrots at an angle. I then patted the steaks dry and seasoned both sides of the steak with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Step Three
carrots cooking

Cooking the Carrot: In a medium non-stick pan I put ¼ cup water, the carrots slices, butter and sugar and brought this to a boil. I reduced to a simmer and cooked until carrots were tender for 5 minutes.  I then added another ¼ cup water, raised the heat to high, and cooked until water had evaporated and the carrot was glazed, which took about 3 minutes. I finally seasoned with a pinch of salt.

Step Four
steak cooking

Cooking the steak: In the same pan, I heated some olive oil. Once hot, I added the steaks and cooked until the steaks were well-browned, which took about 5 minutes per side. Once ready I removed the steak to a plate and sprinkled with the seasoning rub and then let it rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing.

Step Five

Making the Sauce: in the same pan I used to cook the steaks I added ¼ cup water, the Tonkatsu sauce, mirin and demi-glace to the hot pan and stirred until slightly thickened, for about 2 minutes.

Step Six
Plating and serving

Plating and serving: The dish was very easy to plate – rice, carrots and the sliced steak which was finished with the sauce. Bon appétit!

Japanese Sirloin Steak Home chef

On a Personal Note:

This type of dish is a great example of one of the main reasons why I love using meal kit delivery services. It was very tasty and so easy to make. By the end of our meal both my partner and I were licking our fingers!  The glazed carrots were delicious being both sweet and fresh. The spice blend and the sauce on the steak were amazing, it soaked into the rice and made it taste like heaven. The steak was of a very high quality, soft and tender.  Another great dish from Home Chef!

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