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Yummy! 94%
Mediterranean Lentil Salad by Home Chef

Creamy and fresh and just perfect!


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This was such a lovely dish from Home Chef – it was quite light so very healthy, but still full of flavor. I am a big fan of lentils and I particularly love beluga lentils.  I first encountered these when I was travelling in the Mediterranean and as it is quite uncommon to find them in the USA, I was delighted when I saw that they were an ingredient in this dish. They are smaller and darker than normal lentils and are named because of their resemblance to caviar! This dish was very easy to make and simply involved cooking the lentils and the remainder of the vegetables and mixing all the ingredients with an already prepared honey-mustard-basil vinaigrette.  The flavor combination was so tasty and yet the dish was so easy to put together. I also must mention the inclusion of the Burrata cheese which was a perfect accompaniment to the other ingredients. Creamy and fresh and just perfect!

Mediterranean Lentil Salad by Home Chef
  • Post published:July 27, 2018
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