home chef fresh and easy salmon

Home Chef Fresh and Easy: Salmon test


5 minutes prep, 25 minutes oven time

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Yummy! 95%
home chef fresh and easy salmon

This is another delicious, oven-ready meal kit option from the new Home Chef Fresh and Easy meal plan.


Stone Mustard and Pecan-Crusted Salmon by Home Chef Fresh and Easy

What we love about Home Chef is that they are constantly upgrading and developing new creative meal kit options. This, in turn, makes our lives as easy as possible with tempting cooking and dining options that are as simple as can be. 

This meal kit was originally created with pork chops as the chosen protein. However, Home Chef offers a  ”customize it” feature on most of their meals, so we decided to swap the pork chops for a salmon fillet, for a lighter late-night dinner option. 

The meal-kit contained ingredients that looked tempting and delicious. These included stone ground mustard, roasted pecans, a seasoned salt blend, butter, cubed butternut squash, crispy fried onions, and grated parmesan. The meal-kit even included an oven-safe tray which meant almost zero clean up!

The salmon fillets were safely packed at the bottom of the meal kit box, with a large ice-pack that ensured they arrived at the correct temperature. 

All we had to do in order to get this dish ready was to toss the butternut squash with olive oil and seasoned salt, then place it on one side of the tray and baked it for 15 minutes. We then added the salmon which had a topping of salt, pepper, mustard, and crushed pecans, on the second half of the tray. The contents of the tray were then baked for another 15 minutes. When it was ready, we placed the salmon on to a plate while we added some butter to the butternut squash and then added this to our dinner plate.

We topped both the salmon and the butternut squash with parmesan cheese and garnished the dish with some crispy onions for a lovely crunchy texture. That was it. 

This dinner was as easy as possible to cook, and it was fresh, tasty and just perfect for a winter’s evening. 

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