Meal kit services are a fabulous way of making your weekly home menu planning easier and less time-consuming. By using a meal kit service, you will find that your recipe sourcing, menu planning, grocery shopping and in some cases, meal preparation, is already done for you. The final bonus is that you will also be eating well-balanced, nutritious and incredibly delicious meals. There really are no downsides to introducing a meal kit service to your life, apart from the fact that it can be difficult knowing where to start. That is why the Meal Kit Review is such a helpful resource. We created the Meal Kit Review to make navigating the world of meal kits so much easier. On our site, you can find in-depth company comparisons and detailed company profiles. The Meal Kit Review aims for you to have all the information you need to get started with a meal kit service.

Today our comparison is going to be looking at two very different companies which are Home Chef and Dinnerly. Home Chef is a well-established company that provides a service that is all about delivering you delicious classic meals to serve at your dinner table. Dinnerly is a relative newcomer and is very much focused on the bottom line for its customers. They offer meal kits that are generally substantially cheaper than most others. Both of these meal kits are well suited for different audiences, and both offer a very attractive service, so let’s get started with our comparison.

Home Chef box review
Dinnerly Meal Kit Review

Variety of Plan:

One of the big attractions with Home Chef is the flexibility it offers its customers. Home Chef has one basic plan which is entirely adaptable to your needs. It can cater for 2, 4 or 6 people and the only stipulated requirement is a minimum order of 2 dishes per week. It has no maximum limitations which effectively means you could have your entire week’s menu catered for if you so desired.

Dinnerly has two different plans for you to choose from. The first is a ‘Two-person Box’ that caters for 2 people with 3 dishes per week. The second is a ‘Family Box’ that caters for 4 people with 3 dishes per week.

Meal Variety:

Home Chef offers its customers a choice of 11 dishes per week. As there is only 1 plan with Home Chef, you have the option of all 11 different dishes every week. Their 11 dishes tend to include a diverse range of flavors and culinary influences. You will find Mexican, Asian, Italian, classic American etc.

Dinnerly offers its customers a choice of 6 dishes every week. These 6 dishes are available for both the ‘Two-person’ and the ‘Family’ box. You will generally find that their weekly selection includes child-friendly and vegetarian options.

Cheddar & Crispy Potato Crusted Chicken by Home Chef
Cheddar & Crispy Potato Crusted Chicken by Home Chef
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly

Style and complexity of dishes:

The impression we had of Home Chef was that it provides dishes that are based on popular and well-known classic dishes with healthy modern twists. A great example is that they try to include more seasonal vegetables and sometimes will add different flavors for something different. Their recipes are not too sophisticated, so they are not too intimidating for most people, but they still offer a lovely at-home dining experience that lends itself to a little sophistication.

As Dinnerly is focused on keeping their prices low, their recipes and meal kits tend to be relatively basic with fewer ingredients. As most of their recipes take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare their meal kits are quite simple and never difficult to cook.

Quality of ingredients:

Home Chef is very reliable and includes the best available products in their meal kits. They have some great supplier partnerships to ensure that they can maintain the quality of their meal kit ingredients. Some of these include Paysan Breton Butter, ‘Worldwide Farms’ for fresh herbs and vegetables and ‘Sea to Table’ for sustainably sourced seafood.

We have to be honest and admit that we had quite low expectations of Dinnerly, due to their low price point. However, we can honestly say that the ingredients that we received were all very good. They certainly do not keep their meal kit prices low with inferior ingredients but rather by using fewer ingredients, less packaging and digital recipes cards rather than printed ones.

Home Chef Box Review
Home Chef Box Review
Dinnerly Review
Dinnerly Review

The delivery:

Both Home Chef and Dinnerly delivers their meal kits in specifically designed boxes that are aesthetically pleasing and labeled. Also, both companies pack their proteins at the bottom of the box with enough ice to keep them cool during the delivery process.

When unpacking Home Chef, you will find that their meal kit ingredients are sorted, separated and packed in bags that are labeled with the name of the dish. Unpacking is very easy, and no sorting is required.   

With Dinnerly, as part of their efforts to keep the costs down by reducing packaging, you will need to sort and separate the ingredients for each meal kit while unpacking.

Managing your account:

Managing your account is super easy with both Home Chef and Dinnerly. Home Chef has a website and app, and Dinnerly has a website only. Everything from registering your account, to selecting your meals, to organizing payment, swapping dishes, seeing future menus, skipping weeks and even canceling your account can all be easily completed online.  

Plan terms:

Both Home Chef and Dinnerly are available as a subscription service. As Home Chef and Dinnerly customers, you can enjoy a pleasing amount of flexibility with both services. There is the option to skip weeks when required, and you can easily cancel your account online.

Bottom line:

We very impressed with Home Chef and Dinnerly and enjoyed our experiences with both companies. We felt that the two companies offered a service that would not disappoint. However, they are geared towards quite different audiences, namely in terms of their bottom line and the style of meals they offer. After assessing all elements of each meal kit service, we decided that our preferred service was Home Chef. Ultimately we thought that their menu was more varied than the Dinnerly menu. We also preferred the larger number of ingredients that they used in their meal kits. We felt that the style of their dishes, in terms of quality was a little superior and offered an at-home dining experience that was very enjoyable. When looking at the overall cost, Home Chef does come in a little bit higher than Dinnerly, but we thought overall it represented great value for money.


  • Meals are delicious! Familiar but always with an interesting twist
  • Ready in about 30-minutes
  • Best value for money
  • Great quality of ingredients